REVIEW: Wilson Staff eXo Carry Bag

UneXpeceted Innovation in a Carry Bag by Wilson
Wilson is a multi-sport company so everyone knows they have their hand in many different products. When it comes to golf Wilson Staff has long been known for it pro line of club that have a history of success and are being reborn before our very eyes. Version 2 of Driver vs. Driver has shown their willingness to think outside of the box for club design. But who would have thought of Wilson as an innovator in bag design? First it was their NeXus bag from a few years ago that continues to be refined. Now the eXo bag which has some uneXpected design features that are pretty great for a stand bag.
Initially the Wilson Staff eXo Carry Bag struck me with its looks.  I really like the color palette of the whole line.  Picking my favorite was harder than eXpected, but the Navy, Red and White bag was a real looker that caught my eye and just couldn’t avoid.  It looks better in person than the pictures even show.  The other options are also classy with just a touch of bold.  We all have personal preference when it comes to color and the Wilson Staff eXo stand bag comes in some nice options.
When the Wilson Staff eXo Carry Bag arrived, it was surprised at how big it was.  Normally a bag this size is a cart bag.  Thankfully it didn’t weigh what a cart bag weighs.  At 5lbs this falls in line with most normal stand bags (not the extremely light ones),  Wilson found a way to keep the weight down, yet have the pockets and top remain large and functional.  It is nice to not have to give up space without carrying around significant weight of the bag itself.  While the bag isn’t the heaviest part (the clubs and balls are) it is still nice to reduce as much as possible when walking for 5 miles with the bag over our shoulders and lifting it up and down for each shot.
The top of the Wilson Staff eXo Carry Bag is the real winner of this product.  There is nothing more frustrating than clubs getting hung up on each other while going in and out of the bag.  Even some 14 way divided tops still get too tight that grips bind in their individual slots.  The eXo has a 10″ x 7.5″ top which means it is very big for a carry bag.  The rectangular shape allows for plenty of space in each section, yet not getting too wide  that it feels awkward when carrying.  While the large top is only has 5 sections, I found it very easy to organize and get clubs in and out of the top.  The only club that I moved around was the putter.  Sometimes it ended up by the woods on the top, while other times I put it by the wedge on the bottom.  I think I started leaning toward the bottom corner by itself since the other sections were plenty big for all the other clubs.  Even with so much space, they didn’t bang around much since they all collect to the lowest spot and kind of stick together.  It actually seems like when they have more separation they tend to bang around more.  The molded top handles are also really nice for picking up the bag from multiple angles.
The Wilson Staff eXo Carry Bag has huge pockets.  This comes as no surprise because the bag is large, and so are the pockets.  If you want to bring extra gear, this bag will allow it.  I was able to have my Yuneec Breeze 4K drone with me in the larger pocket which is nice quick aerial photos.  I had extra clothes for adjusting to the temperature and plenty of balls, tees, water, sunscreen, etc.  The only danger is with so much space, if you fill it all, the bag gets heavy.  If you are going to use it on a cart, push or power, it isn’t a big deal and is actually really nice, but if it on you shoulders, be careful not to load it up.  There is soft/waterproof pocket for your phone, there is an open pocket and plenty of hooks and strap slots for other accessories whether you carry it or put it on a cart.
The Wilson Staff eXo Carry Bag has a handful of nice features for carrying.  The eXo handle on the spine of the bag is really solid and comfortable for picking up the bag.  The balance point is just right.  The stand mechanism is internal so that the base folds and stays connected to the ground.  The legs are some of the thicker legs I’ve seen used and they are super stable.  The base sits nicely even if the legs aren’t deployed so you can stand it up without using the legs without fear of it tipping over.  The back pad is a nice “egg carton” foam that allows for airflow on your back, yet good cushion.  The self balancing 4 point double shoulder straps are really nice and offer great cushion.  I did take some time to get the length of the straps just right so that bag balanced on my bag without tipping the handle on the spine into my back.

Wilson might not be the first band that comes to mind as you search out a new bag, but the Wilson Staff eXo Carry Bag has many uneXpected innovative features.  The “Big” feature is the big top and big pockets without making the bag heavy.  The large top openings work really well for carrying the clubs without banging around and yet very easy to get clubs in and out.  The nice features along with good looks make this a bag you should check out.

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Quick Hits:
+Big top
+5 way divider works well
+Lots of pockets
+Super sturdy
+Nice on carts too

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