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Review: Wilson Staff FG Tour 100 Irons

100 Years of Wilson Awesomeness
Wilson has been in the golf industry for 100 years making it the winningest iron brand in golf history. To celebrate their anniversary they produced the Staff FG Tour 100 irons.  While they are a true blade and not playable for all skill levels of golfers; the good ball striker or golfer who grew up playing Wilson blades(like myself) will love these irons. They are 100 years of pure Wilson awesomeness.
I’ve heard people say, “Why would anyone play blades?”  I say “Why don’t you play blades if you can?”  Yes, if you are a 15+ handicap don’t play blades; but if you are a single digit, there is nothing more fun than hitting Wilson Staff FG Tour 100s.  I’ve had them in the bag for the last 10 rounds and I’ve shot the best scores of my life.  Every round has been in the low to mid 70s.  My practice time has gone up, my swing has improved and these irons have been a perfect fit.


The looks of these irons are simply stunning.  From every angle they look great, the “hero” shot is so good with the chrome finish and the “button back” right behind the sweet spot.  The black and gold finishing touches have a real richness.  At address they are small with a nice tall squared off toe.  The diamonds bracketing of the grooves are so nostalgic along with the triple knurling on the hosel reminds me of the sets I played growing up.  The thin top line and sole might not inspire confidence in everyone, but for me they look perfect.  Made with DG S300s and coming in right at D3 these irons are designed for golfers looking for a great set of irons.

The biggest factor when playing golf should be about having fun.  If you don’t have fun and enjoy golf, then why play?  These are simple fun to hit. Their muscle back forged head is absolutely pure at impact when you find the sweet spot, and when you don’t you know it.  Pulling off great shots, controlling the ball and hitting something so pure makes golf fun for the “player”.

You don’t need to work the ball to play blades.  I prefer a straight ball everyday of the week.  The Wilson FG Tour 100 will hit straight, but if you do want to move it one way or the other, it can be done.  They offer really strong flight and lower spin to reduce ballooning or loss of distance.  I found them to really fit my number needs based on my Flightscope testing.  I could play these on a windy day and really control the trajectory.  The one shot they are most penal is thin.  Don’t expect forgiveness if you aren’t getting down on the ball.  I was actually surprised at the flip side, they didn’t dig too much.  Just a clean shallow divot was typical.
Distances aren’t going to “wow” you.  That’s isn’t a surprise since they have traditional lofts.  They will however offer consistent distances on repeated swings plus you can adjust distances with your swing.  A hard 8 or a soft 8 will actually go different distances and trajectories.  I’ve played game improvement clubs that only did one thing; the same high distance for every swing.  I was able to track my rounds on course with GAME GOLF and it showed very consistent and normal distances.  I’ve actually been shooting the best rounds of my life with these in the bag, so FG Tour 100 irons aren’t as difficult as many might believe.

If you have the ball striking abilities, you won’t find a better feeling, better looking or more fun iron to play.  Wilson has been making irons for 100 years and these are truly worthy of their anniversary set honor.  The Wilson Staff FG Tour 100 irons are 100 years of Wilson awesomeness.

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Quick Hits:
+Incredible Looks
+Amazing Feel
+Shot Making Performance
+Low Spin and Low Trajectory
+Thin Top Line and Sole

–Too difficult for many golfers

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