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Review: Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 Irons

Irons For the Most Golfers
Golfers fall into all different skill categories; ranging from scratch to super high handicapers. While the ends of the spectrum are more the rarity, somewhere in the middle is where most golfers fall. The majority of golfers I’ve seen over the years would be classified as a mid/high-handicaper. Most will score between 90 and 100 on 18 holes. The new Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 irons are perfect for those golfers and will appeal to those with even lower handicaps. These irons might have one of the broadest appeals of any irons on the market.
The Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 irons are not a replacement for the V4 irons; they are a complimentary iron.  I think the V4 appeals to the low handicap golfer, while these will still work for those golfers, they’re probably a better fit for the higher handicap golfers.  They have smooth lines, little off-set, cavity back forgiveness and excellent forged feel.  Wilson is calling them a “crossover” irons since they bridge the gap between players irons and game-improvement irons.
The Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 irons are a good looking package with their satin finish, and black and gold accents.  They have a really nice sole grind which helps tremendously with turf interaction.  This is going to be one of the big benefits for all levels of golfers.  It has a very rounded sole both front to back and side to side which reduces digging.  They call it “Speed Sole” Technology.   It is designed to help make contact with the  ball first.  The off-set isn’t too much, but just enough to help square things up at impact.  The head itself is decent sized so you have ample face forgiveness paired with excellent perimeter weighting.  These really like to hit the ball straight and high.
The feel of these clubs is what sets them apart from others brand what have irons in this category.  There aren’t too many irons in the game-improvement category that are forged.  These are really soft at impact.  If you use a Wilson Duo ball you will experience one of the softest feeling irons shots in golf.  It seems that this a segment of the market that is largely untapped by other companies.  Most go cast for a forgiving iron like this.  Wilson nails it with great feel.
The performance of the Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 irons is what will have you talking about them.  Their good looks are paired with excellent on course results.  They will fit a wide variety of handicaps because of how they hit.  If you struggle with your irons; the straight, easy hitting, and high launch of these will be a nice addition to the bag.  If you have a solid iron swing, you will enjoy the good feel and control that these irons offer.  They are not for “working” the ball all over the place, but little cuts and small draws can be hit with these on demand.  It’s the control of those shots that really  makes them good clubs.
I went 4-GW with DG S300 shafts in the Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 irons with Wilson Tour Velvet grips.  They have nice balance at D2 and the stock length and lie offer solid contact with the ball. I wouldn’t call them a distance iron, but they aren’t short either.  I found them in my optimal distance range from top to bottom.  I thought the long irons were just as easy to hit as the scoring irons and the additional GW makes for a great distance filler on the short end.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 Irons – 8-iron

  • Spin: 7844 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 27.9*
  • Dispersion: 4.7 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 85.6 mph
  • Ball Speed: 107.2 mph
  • Total Distance:  159.4 yds
  • Carry Distance:  153.7 yds

The Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 irons will fit the biggest segment of golfers out there.  Their feel and looks will appeal to low-handicap golfers while their performance and forgiveness will fit the higher-handicap golfers.  Wilson has really stepped up their game in 2016 and these irons should be a great fit for the most golfers.

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Quick Hits:
+Nice looks
+Excellent sole grind
+Soft forged feel
+Very forgiving
+High hitting
+Widest audience appeal

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