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Review: Wilson Staff FG Tour V2 Irons

Born from a heritage of winners

Maybe  you’ve seen the commercial from Wilson about their irons winning more championship than any other iron.  If you go back in history, you will find so many pros playing Wilson Staff irons.  When I was younger, Wilson staff irons were THE clubs to play.  Unfortunately over the years, Wilson irons experimented with some out of the box designs.  The fat shafts, the box sets, etc.  It really seemed like Wilson lost their way, until the last couple years.  The newer Wilson Staff FG line draws on the heritage of winners.

The Wilson Staff FG Tour V2 irons are the second generation of this new line.  They are a slightly more forgiving cavity back version of the Staff FG irons.  Yet they still maintain a compact shape, sharp lines, and a solid forged feel.

Just seeing the spy pictures of these irons had me thinking back to my younger days when I played a set of Wilson Staff irons.  I loved those irons and finally found a modern set of Wilson Staff irons that I could put in my bag.  My Wilson Staff FG Tour V2 irons came as a standard  3-pw set made with KBS stiff shafts and Lamkin crossline grips. 

I pretty much went right out and took them to the course the day they arrived.  My first shot was a 9-iron.  I made a solid swing and was rewarded with a shot that landed just a few feet from the pin.  The next few holes were set up to use mostly short irons; PW, 9-iron, and 8-iron.  They offer great control and accuracy.  The heads have little offset, a soft radiused leading edge, thin soles and a compact shape.  They set up really nice behind the ball with a taller toe.  They hit high enough to carry over obstacles if needed, but strong enough to avoid ballooning.  Distance control was excellent with these, no jacked up lofts.  I didn’t need to make any adjustment to my distances.

The mid irons 7iron-5-iron were easy to hit too.  They had just a tiny bit of offset making it easy to elevate and strike the ball solid from just about any lie.  The leading edge is sharper on these than some irons, but still resisted digging because of the soft radius sole.  I mostly hit a straight ball, but you can work these slightly either direction.  I didn’t find a bias either way.

The long irons 4iron-3iron even found slots in my bag.  Typically I don’t hit a 3irons because I don’t strike it solid, I did have success with the Wilson Staff FG Tour V2 irons.  I had no problems getting it off the ground, and found good control with it.  The 4-iron was just money.  I find myself needing  a 200 yard shot numerous time during my rounds and the 4iron was perfect.

The feel of these irons is as good as any forged irons you can find.  The cavity back has some interesting cutouts and stepped weighting with a tab right behind the sweet spot of the head.  They feel so solid on well struck shots and offer just enough forgiveness for shots slightly off-center shots.  These irons are a great fit for low-mid handicappers.  Many of Wilson’s staff players have these in their bags.

I was also really happy to see these irons in a big box golf store.  Customers are finally able see Wilson staff in person, even swing them in the store and buy them on the spot.  While Wilson made Staff FG Tour irons for the last couple years, they were nowhere to be found in person.  Finally Wilson is getting their great staff products in consumers hands.  The Wilson Staff FG Tour V2 irons are born from the heritage of winners and I think you will find them to be winners in your bag too.

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Quick Hits
+Stunning looks
+Solid feel
+Compact shape
+Players irons

-Moderate forgiveness

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