Wilson Staff Model RB Utility Iron Review

An Easier and More Consistent Long Iron

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Wilson Staff Model RB Utility Cover

The Wilson Staff Model RB Utility Iron replaced my 4 iron over the last 5 rounds of golf this summer.  It is designed for golfers who like “iron” hybrids instead of “wood” hybrids.  It has the clean compact look of an iron, yet gives you a little more pop and forgiveness like a hybrid. I also tested it in the IGR Office by Carl’s Place DIY Simulators.  The combination of on-course testing and FlightScope numbers proved the new Wilson Staff Model RB Utility Iron for 2024 is a legit hybrid/long iron replacement option.           

This is the definitive Wilson Staff Model RB Utility Iron Review for 2024.

Wilson Staff Model RB Utility Cover

RB Tech

The Wilson Staff Model RB Utility Iron is all about the RiB internal support tech.  The outside might look clean and smooth, but the inside has the new RiB tech to create stability on mishits as well as optimizing sound.  You get a very forgiving utility iron along with a pleasant sounding hollow core one.  

Hollow Body

This is pretty much standard in this day and age of utility irons that this is going to be a hollow body design.  It creates the energy needed to give the added distance and lift. I played the 4-iron/24* model which is about 5 yards longer, higher launching and softer landing than my regular 4-iron. The forged steel face offers really nice feel as well as good “pop” at contact.  This is paired with a Project X HZRDUS Black hybrid shaft which makes adds some more distance and pop compared to a steel shafted iron.

Tour Head Shape

The Wilson Staff Model RB Utility Iron might be the best looking utility iron on the market.  It has incredibly clean lines, thin top, minimal offset and looks perfect with Wilson Staff Iron (any of them).  I played it with my Wilson Staff Model Blades and fit in nicely.  It is only a slightly wider sole, but the cavity looks so smooth and sleek.  This certainly appeals to better golfers or golfers who don’t like woods but love long irons.  It can replace a harder to hit long iron with something easier and more forgiving.

Utility Iron Performance

What is the best club for you to hit 200 yards?  Or what works best between your fairway wood and your longest iron?  I know there is a growing segment of the golfing population that has added a 7-wood to their bag.  So should you go that or utility iron?  This comes down to performance and personal preference.  I’ve come to love utility irons over the last couple golf seasons.  I hit it super straight off the tee and have short iron like confidence with it off the turf.  I look down and see “iron” which seems to flip a switch in my brain to accuracy.  When I look down and see “wood” I think distance.  Probably because that is what the results say too.  I hit more accurate shots with the Wilson Staff Model RB Utility Iron while I’ll hit longer shots with a wood style hybrid.  So what are you using it for?  I use my long clubs for par 3s and 2nd shots on par 5s.  It is much more about accuracy for my game than distance. 

Wilson Staff Model RB 24* Utility Iron Stats

Data from Flightscope MEVO+ 2023 Launch Monitor

➜ Spin: 4,003 rpms

➜ Launch Angle: 22.3*

➜ Dispersion: 4.4 yds

➜ Club Head Speed: 93.0 mph

➜ Ball Speed: 122.1 mph

➜ Total Distance: 201.5 yds

➜ Carry Distance: 197.9 yds


Wilson continues to impress and still be underrated.  The new Wilson Staff Model RB Utility Iron is one of the best for 2024.  I know many of the other brands get the buzz, but don’t over look this outstanding, great feeling, easy launching and accurate utility iron.  There are 3 options to fit your loft and distance gaps.  If you are an “iron” look player but want some forgiveness, launch and accuracy, you are going to want to give this club a try.     

For more information: Wilson Website

Wilson Staff Model ZM Wedges – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Wilson has been making waves with their new clubs, and this is just another example of their quality and performance. The new Wilson Staff Model RB Utitlity Iron offers everything you want in one of the best looking exteriors.

  • ✅  Pros: Easy launch, Soft forged feel, Compact head shape, Good forgiveness, Consistent results.

  • ⛔  Cons: Best for good iron strikers.

  • ⛳  Verdict: While utility irons aren't for everyone, if you like the look of a long iron, but want additional forgiveness, launch, and soft landing, the Wilson Staff Model RB Utility Iron should be at the top of your list to demo. The 3 models offer different lofts and distances to fit your needs. I'm impressed by the feel, looks, performance and results of this club.


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