Wishbone Golf ONE Megalight Push Cart Review

The Lightest & Easiest Push Cart

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I rolled the Wishbone Golf ONE Megalight Push Cart only a couple times on the course for rounds of golf.   It is the lightest and easiest push cart on the market yet offers all the features of other push carts.   

This is the my Wishbone Golf ONE Megalight Push Cart Review for 2022.


I love walking for 18 holes of golf.  My favorite way to walk is with some form of a cart to carry my clubs so I can still enjoy the stroll without the weight on my back.  I’ve been using a push cart for well over 12 years now and it certainly is my favorite way to play golf.  Summers in AZ however aren’t conducive to walking and playing golf because of the 100*+ weather and the fact that many courses are not set up for walking, I didn’t get as many rounds on this cart as I normally would for review.  I did however get enough time in to understand the benefits of the Wishbone Golf ONE Megalight Push Cart.  It is the lightest and easiest 3-wheel push cart on the market which has some benefits while walking 18 holes.

The Wishbone Golf ONE Megalight Push Cart arrives in 4 pieces; 3 wheels and the main cart.  Assembly is very easy, install the 3 wheels and unfold.  The rear wheels pop on easily with a push of the center hub.  The front wheel requires just a little force to push the front fork into the frame.  The unfolding and folding is simple, pull on the handle and “click” it is open.  The single lever with the “ONE” on it quickly releases the lock and the cart collapses.  This super easy open and close features means you don’t need to question/wonder/watch a youtube video to get this cart ready for the course or the trunk.  It really is the easiest cart I’ve used.

The Wishbone Golf ONE Megalight Push Cart is the lightest cart I’ve seen too.  It is crazy light, almost to the point of will it hold my golf bag.  As you can see it is well made and sturdy, but very lightweight.  You can touch it with your finger and it will start rolling.  Getting the cart in and out of the trunk is very easy because it is so light.  Pushing it down the fairway is also easy because of the “megalight” weight.

The Wishbone Golf ONE Megalight Push Cart offers the features you want/need and nothing extra to weight down the cart.  It has a cup holder what will hold large stainless waterbottle as well as a smaller plastic one, a single ball holders, slots for 3 tees and then a magnetic side score card holders.  The umbrella holder screws onto the side of the handle to keep it right over you while walking.  The handle is a nice formed rubber which is on the firmer side, but also very durable.

The Wishbone Golf ONE Megalight Push Cart has a single rear wheel foot brake.  While it is basic it does the job nicely even on hills.  Push it done and it has a metal rod the engages the “gear” like hub on the wheel.  Pull it up with your toes and it easily releases.  While it is simple and maybe doesn’t offer the most stopping power, it is lightweight and easy to use which fits this push cart well.

The bag is held onto the Wishbone Golf ONE Megalight Push Cart with rubber straps that have tabs/pins which lock into the opposing strap.  The iGolfReviews Vessel Bag that I used on the cart is pretty big and it worked just fine.  The straps were able to reach around the bag and hold is securely.  The bottom brackets and top are universal enough to fit any bag and the rubber straps will lock down any bag.

The Wishbone Golf ONE Megalight Push Cart will fit in just about any car because it folds up very flat.  It took the wheels off to make it even flatter to take up less room in my MINI. It doesn’t lock when closed so it does require grabbing both the upper and lower frames.  Once it is locked open it is a very stable and solid cart.  It is slightly narrower than some other push carts and it doesn’t have much for steering adjustments, but I still found it easy to push and navigate around the course, often times easier than other larger and heavier carts.

The Wishbone Golf ONE Megalight Push Cart is the lighest and easiest push cart on the market.  What does that mean for a round of golf?  It means you’ll have no stress from the time you put the cart in your trunk until the time you return the cart to your trunk.  In between you will have the easiest push experience in golf.  The wheels roll very smoothly and since it is so lightweight it takes the least amount of force to move it forward.  I think pairing it with a lightweight bag makes this even easier to push.  While a few pounds might not seem like much, but if the 18th hole has a hill, you will notice the difference by the end of the round.  Because it is so light weight I don’t suggest letting it fly down the hill all by itself.  It is more susceptible to bumps and tips compared to heavier/lower center of gravity carts. 


The Lightest and Easiest push cart you can buy is the Wishbone Golf ONE Megalight.  The folding is simple and the weight is feather light.  This makes for an easy transition from the trunk to the course and the easiest push for 18 holes of any push cart.

For more information: https://wishboneone.com/

Wishbone Golf ONE Megalight Push Cart – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: The Wishbone Golf ONE Megalight Push Cart is the lightest and easiest push cart on the market. The simple single latch and lightweight aluminum frame make this easy to use from trunk to course and hole after hole.

  • ✅  Pros: Mega lighweight, Easy single fold latch, Easy release wheels, multiple color options, Full host of accessories.

  • ⛔  Cons: Lightweight means not as sturdy as heavier carts.

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you want the easiest cart to unfold and the lightest weight cart to lift/push the Wishbone Golf ONE Megalight cart is for you. I'm impressed by this simple looking, yet full featured cart.


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