Women's Golf Dress Code Guide and Proper Women's Golf Attire

According to the National Golf Foundations annual industry demographic report, women golfers now account for over 25% of all rounds played worldwide. Additionally, female golfers make up nearly 40% of the junior golfer population, both of these numbers being the highest reported percentages of the golfer demographic ever!

As the game of golf continues to grow as a whole, so do the number of choices and selections of what to wear for women golfers when playing.

Our breakdown below will define what proper women’s golf attire looks like for every golf course and situation female golfers will face.

A Guide to Women's Golf Dress Code and Proper Women's Golf Attire

Dress Code at Municipal Golf Courses vs. Public Golf Courses vs. Private Clubs

Different courses have different “golf dress codes” depending on what type of golf course they are.

Municipal Golf Courses

Municipal Golf Courses (owned by the city) usually have the most relaxed dress codes (if any at all). They often allow things that generally can’t be worn at Public Courses or Private Clubs, such as denim, non-collared shirts, and more athletic gear like yoga pants (athleisure).

sonoran golf course

Public Golf Courses

Public Golf Courses (owned privately but open to the public) are often slightly more restrictive on clothing choices than Municipal courses but not as strict as Private Clubs. Each golf course in the Public and Private genres are entirely within their rights to create whatever dress code they want. Usually, there are no cargo shorts, open-toed shoes, jogging shorts, denim, tee shirts, tank tops, or too short or revealing of bottoms.

Private Golf Clubs

Private Clubs (privately-owned and only members or guests of members can play) often have the most strict dress code for women golfers, but this can vary from area to area. Private Club’s dress codes for female golfers often include: “Shorts, Skorts, and Skirts may not be shorter than (# of Inches) above the knee for both men and women.” “Women must wear collared shirts or designer collarless golf shirts.” and “Golf dresses must be of an appropriate length.”

The problem is, there are no actual “set standards” as to what’s considered “revealing” or “inappropriate,” so what is a player expected to do when going to a new course?

Essentially, lady golfers shouldn’t worry about what they’re wearing to a Municipal golf course, should wear golf clothing to a Public club, and should err on the side of more conservative golf attire when visiting a Private Club.

Making a quick call to the clubhouse to check their rules before a first-time outing at a new club can save time and potential future embarrassment, making it well worth the time!

What is Available for Tops?

While men are limited to collared polo-style shirts and the occasional mock neck, women golfers have a lot more variation in acceptable golf tops. Men are usually required to tuck in their shirts (especially at Private Clubs), but women golfers are not required to do the same thing, as many female golf shirts aren’t designed to be tucked in.

Below we list many of the most commonly seen golf shirts for ladies.

What is Available for Tops

Female Golf Tops Options

  • Short Sleeve with Collar (Polo Shirt)

  • Sleeveless Golf Shirt with Collar

  • Long Sleeve Zip Up Shirts with or without Defined Collar

  • Short Sleeve Shirts with Mock Collar

  • Collared Button Down Shirt

  • TurtleNecks

  • Crew-Neck Sweaters

As long as tank top style shirts, shirts with too dramatic of cut outs, or zip-zag strips of fabric running across the sides or back are avoided, most golf courses will have no issue with female golf attire.

If you’re unsure about your top meeting the golf courses dress code requirements, feel free to give them a call, check their website, or compare it to a few of the tops we’ve included below:

What is Available for Bottoms?

Lady’s golf attire companies have developed tons of options when it comes to bottoms.

While the most important thing to feel with your golf clothing is “comfortable,” as we discussed earlier, the level of a golf course you’re at will determine the type of bottoms that are generally accepted.

Female Golf Bottom Options

  • Golf Dresses

  • Golf Skirts and Skorts

  • Shorts

  • Capris

  • Pants

  • Khakis of All Kinds

What is Available for Bottoms

Dress codes have become slightly more relaxed, with the number of lady golfers growing exponentially within the last few years, thanks to COVID. As long as a lady golfers’ bottom clothing is comfortable and adheres to the rules of the course they are playing golf at, they’ll be just fine.

What is Available for Shoes?

With the percentage of lady golfers growing year over year and hundreds of thousands of ladies being introduced to golf annually, there are many women golfers that don’t have “golf shoes” just yet.

As we display above, a lot of women’s golf apparel, including shoes, are marketed towards being sportier and often less “golf specific” looking.

Golf shoes aren’t necessarily a requirement of golf courses. Close-toed shoes are usually a requirement for players, but lady golfers should feel free to use sneakers with a generous amount of tread on the course before making the investment in a real pair of golf shoes.

Female Golf Shoe Options

  • Sneakers

  • Spiked Golf Shoes

  • Spikeless Golf Shoes

If you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe with some new golf shoes or are looking for an excellent gift for the lady golfer in your life, check out our newly released breakdown of the Best Women’s Golf Shoes of 2023.

Golf dress code headwear women

What is Available for Headwear?

The best headwear on the golf course is something that protects players from the UV Rays of the Sun. While previous generations of female golfers were often limited to large visors, a lot of hat and headwear styles are available to today’s players.

Female Golfer Headwear Options

  • Visors

  • Brimmed Sun Hats

  • Bucket Hats

  • Designer Caps (Baseball Style Hats)

  • Sock Caps

What to Wear for Winter Golf?

When the temperatures drop on the golf course, it can be challenging to stay comfortable and look fashionable at the same time. While it’s important to feel your best and looking good often helps that, ensuring there’s no restriction with your winter golf fashion while making your swing is crucial.

Besides some protective headwear like a sock cap, many female golfers opt for rain-style suits (usually kept rolled up in their golf bags at all times) that help block out the colder wind as well as keep players dry when it’s raining or snowing.

What to Wear for Winter Golf

Winter Golf Proper Golf Attire

  • Insulated Leggings Under Pants

  • Sock Caps

  • Zip Up Pull-Overs

  • Jackets

  • Hoodies (Depending on the Golf Course)

As a tip to readers, make sure you try on your winter gear before buying and take a few practice swings with it on. This might feel a bit dorky, but the only thing worse than buyer’s remorse is hindering your performance on the course by wearing the wrong thing!

What Are Ladies Golf Attire Accessories?

Lady’s golf accessories are becoming an enormous market in the golf industry. With one in four golfers now being female, golf apparel manufacturers are taking the accessory game seriously.

Golf accessories allow players to show off their sense of style and personality, making them more confident and comfortable while playing.

Ladies Golf Accessories

  • Colored Gloves

  • Colored Tees

  • Vivid Shades of Golf Ball Colors

  • Designer Head Covers and Ball Marks

  • Ear Warmers

  • Beautiful Golf Bags

What Are Luxury Women's Golf Clothes Brands?

In our opinion, one of the most unique parts about the game of golf is looking sharp while playing it.

There aren’t many times you get dressed up in everyday life to exert yourself physically, but with golf, you’re almost expected to do it every time you tee it up.

A lot of female golf attire in the more luxurious genre could be worn close to anywhere, not just the golf course.

A few of our favorite luxury women’s golf clothing brands include:

  • J. Lindeberg

  • Ralph Lauren

  • Rhoback

  • Peter Millar

  • G/FORE

What NOT to Wear:

The universal things to avoid when trying to appeal to women’s golf attire rules are T-Shirts, Halter Tops, Tank Tops, Strapless Tops, Drawstring Shorts, Jeans, Sweat Pants, Golf Shoes with Metal Spikes, and any article of clothing that exposes too private of areas.

If in doubt, I like to think, “Would I wear this outfit to Church or to see my Grandparents?”

FAQ About Women's Golf Attire:

Below we answer some of our reader’s most frequently asked questions regarding women’s golf apparel rules and proper golf attire in general.

What Should Women Golfers Wear to the Driving Range?

The answer to this question entirely depends on where the driving range is located. Public driving ranges that aren’t affiliated with a golf course usually don’t have a dress code (besides being dressed, period, such as any other business).

Public and Private golf courses will have varying rules, but for the most part, they expect driving range participants to wear clothes that follow whatever dress code they have or don’t have.

Since it is a place for practice, more athletic clothing is often accepted at these places, like hoodies or more athletic pants.

Is It Ever Okay to Go Casual / Wear Leggings?

As we discussed earlier, with the massive growth the women’s side of the golf game has seen within the last 2-3 years, more and more courses are relaxing their dress code requirements to appeal to the younger generations of players.

Municipal golf courses will have no issue with a female going casual or wearing leggings of some kind.

Public golf courses will vary on the athletic pants rule, but they either won’t have an issue or will require something over the leggings, such as a skirt.

Where five years ago, this would’ve been a flat-out “NO.” many private clubs across the world are evolving with the more relaxed way of dressing in today’s women’s golf fashion and allowing leggings on the course as long as they are under a skirt.

Leggings at Women's Golf Dress Code

What do LPGA Professional Women Golfers Wear?

The LPGA has seen some controversy over the years regarding their rules surrounding women’s golf attire. Back in 2017, the LPGA made headlines by tightening the rules regarding what their female players were allowed to wear while competing.

After star Michelle Wie wore a shorter skirt and racer-back top with no collar in the first round of the HBSC Women’s Champions event, the LPGA released the following:

– “Length of skirt, skort, and shorts MUST be long enough to not see your bottom area (even if covered by under shorts) at any time, standing or bent over.”

– “Racerback with a mock or regular collar are allowed (no collar = no racerback).”

– “Plunging necklines are NOT allowed.”

It should be noted players will receive a $1,000 fine for not following new rules. Fines are subject to double per offense.

These rules were met with pretty harsh pushback at first but have remained mostly the same since.

The LPGA website now states under their dress code: “We allow sleeveless and collarless shirts to be worn during play. There is no specific length requirement on shorts or skirts. Denim, cut-offs, and workout clothes are not allowed.”

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