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I practiced my swing using the YJEGLF Feedback Hitting Mat and hit the YJEGLF Balls during some casual rounds of golf.  These products sold on Amazon are very low cost.  While the “get what you pay for” motto kind of applies, there are some benefits to these low cost golf accessories that actually could help your golf game.   

This is the definitive YJEGLF Accessories Review for 2024.

YJEGLF cover

Golf Gear on Amazon

When I think golf gear, I don’t immediately think Amazon.  It used to be the last place I’d look for something golf related, but it is becoming a force in the golf industry.  Many OEMs are selling their clubs and gear on Amazon because of its reach.  If you type in “golf” into an Amazon search you will find golf related products you’ve never heard of.  As someone who stays pretty educated about new golf stuff, it is almost impossible to keep up with the gear on Amazon.  YJEGLF is one of those companies that sells their gear exclusively on Amazon that you’ve probably never heard of.  They have a handful of low cost, yet useful products.  I tested 2 such products; their feedback hitting mat and their golf balls.

YJEGLF Feedback Hitting Mat

The YJEGLF Feeback Hitting Mat is a simple concept. It is a directional rub turf that has a center dot with 6 angled lines.  You place your golf ball in the middle and hit it.  The directional turf will show your swing path at impact.  If you are outside in and slice the ball, you’ll see the changed turf on that path, or vice versa if you have a different swing path. Since the point of impact is really all that matters, this can be extremely helpful for dialing in straight iron shots.  It doesn’t really matter where the club is at the top of your backswing as long as you get it to the right point at impact.  This simple mat can be used over and over with just a wipe of the directional turf back to uniform.  It is also very thin so you won’t feel that it messes up the bottom point of your swing.  If even has a stake and string if you get really aggressive and try to bomb the mat down the range.  I found the rubber grip backing is plenty to hold it in place for most of my swings.


Everyone is looking for the low cost alternative to a ProV1.  The YJEGLF Ball is not that.  It is low cost at $16/dozen, but it is nothing like a tour level ball.  It is a two piece golf ball better used for practice.  It will play fine for all 18 holes, but you are not going to see record distance or lots of spin.  It is firm, clicky, and offers basic performance.  The low cost is going to be the selling point.  If you want to practice with a lower spinning ball this might help you learn how to generate more spin.  While YJEGLF says they are supersoft; compared to other soft balls, they are really firm and clicky feeling.  However, at $16/dozen there aren’t too many other brand new golf balls you can buy.  You’ll also be able to identify your ball on the course even though the don’t have numbers because you’ll be the only one playing them.


The YJEGLF accessories are aimed the price conscience buyer.  If you want some simple accessories and low cost golf balls these Amazon bargains could help your game.  The YJEGLF Feedback Hitting Mat is comparable to much higher priced mats and it works.  The YJEGLF Balls are low cost and feel like it.  While they work and can be played for all 18 holes, I think they are better served as practice golf balls than for a serious or competitive match. They have a couple other accessories that you might like too: a travel cover and a trunk organizer. If you are looking to score some Amazon bargains on golf related gear, YJEGLF has you covered.  

Here more information: YJEGLF on AMAZON

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