Review: Zensah Compression Socks

Compression Socks with Golf Flare
Not long ago I thought compression socks were just for old people with poor circulation and only came in white.  In the last few months I have come to learn how valuable they are for anyone that is on their feet for an extended period of time.  They have become popular with runners because of the recovery benefits, and now they are infiltrating the golfing world because of the benefits it offers to those walking 18 or more holes.

While you can still get plain white compression socks, Zensah offers compression socks with flare.  Their argyle socks are head turners.  They offer them in many different colors in the argyle pattern or you can get them in plain colors.
Sizing is always a little tricky with any compression socks.  Most companies base their sizing off your shoe size, but for someone like me that doesn’t always work because of my over-sized calves.  I don’t have the longest of legs either so I kind of end up between sizes.  If it fits in the foot, it might not get over my calf, or if they fit well on my calves, they might go over my knees.  My first pair was a size L.  They were the right foot fit, but they were too tall.  I went to a size M for my second pair and those seemed to be a better fit, just below the knee.  While they were slightly tighter in the foot and calf, they still remained comfortable.

Zensah compression socks have ample cushioning on the bottom.  They have thicker soles in the forefoot and heel area.  While golfers don’t pound like runners, the 5+ miles walking, standing, hitting and often carrying 30lbs on your back really adds up.  While they have more cushion than many other socks, they still don’t bunch up or become bulky in your shoe.  It is really a good balance of cushion, comfort, yet a tight fit.
Once you’ve got your size picked out, and your color picked out, off to the course you go.  Initially, you will notice the tightness as a new sensation while walking and playing.  The first time you wear them they might even be uncomfortable, but you will notice the difference later that night or the next morning with how much less fatigued your legs are.  The Zensah Compression Argyle socks are more than just a style feature, they are actually how they control the graduated compression.  You can feel the tighter and looser diamonds on your legs.  This is all in the name of greater circulation.  Trust me, it works.  If you prefer to walk for 18 holes, you really need to look into compression socks.  Zensah Compression socks offer some other nice features that deal with sweat and odor.  The anti-microbial and moisture wicking properties also keep you feet from getting overheated or smelling up the place.

If you play golf and walk, you need a pair of compression socks and Zensah offers them with flare.  The Argyle compression socks are great under pants or would look awesome with knickers.  If you wear them with shorts, your legs will appreciate it, as long as you can take the comments.  Zensah knows compression, they have products to compress just about every part of your body; I really liked the Zensah compression socks for golf, with flare.

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Quick Hits
+Argyle is a perfect golfer’s flare
+Compression recovery benefits
+Cushion and comfort
+Graduated compression, so they’re tight where you need it

–Expensive socks, but worth it