Review: Zero Restriction ZR-290X Polo

Cool and comfortable every round
How many holes of golf can you play in one day?  I like to play as many as I can; on vacation getting 54 holes in on one day is a regular day.  So how will you shoot and how will you feel the next day?  Could a shirt make a difference?  The new Zero Restriction Eagle shirt with ZR-290x technology works really well.

 I’ll be up front; I’m not a believer in the ion force-field mumbo jumbo that is out there in bracelets, necklaces and now shirts.  Can a rubber band with a magnet in it cure my slice or help me make every 25 foot putt?  I’m guessing many of you are skeptics too.

 So when I read the Zero Restriction shirts has this ion stuff I thought I would see if it really works.

 First off, the shirt is a fairly basic polo.  It comes in five solid colors with a contrast tone stripe on the collar.  The fabric is a nice dry-fit tech material made with hydrophobic yarn and just the right amount of stretch.  My review shirt was a nice muted blue tone.  The sizing was the same as what I normally wear from most companies.  Woven into the fabric is the ion treated materials which are said to help with all different areas of your game.

 My on course results were good, but not entirely scientific.  They were not vastly different than any other day.  On two different occasions I played 54 holes in a day using this shirt.  I was still playing well even at the end of the day.  Was it the shirt?  Hard to say, but it didn’t hurt my game, that is for sure.  It is not a night and day switch that was suddenly flipped when I put this shirt on.  There were no strange sensations, just a good fitting, comfortable shirt.

 But maybe the biggest compliments I can give this shirt, is that I didn’t even notice I was wearing it.  There are times when I play that I am constantly adjusting my shirt, the sleeves, the collar, the waist, you name it, and sometimes a shirt lets you know it is there.  Not the ZR-290x, it was like a ninja.

 Did this shirt cure my bad shots or add 20 yards to my drives? No, but I have to say this is one of my favorite shirts, maybe that is because of the ions in the shirt, I don’t know, but it is cool and comfortable round after round, even when they are all on the same day.  I also found after many rounds and many times through the washing machine, it still looks like I just took it out of the package. 

 I hope that Zero Restriction keeps the cut and technology of this shirt intact and adds some more patterns and colors to their offerings.  The ZR-290x is a great shirt. Will it solve all of your golf or other problems?  No, but it will keep you cool and comfortable each round.

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 Quick Hits
+ Great Fit
+ Comfortable Material
+ Ion Treated

 –Not sure it is drastically different from other shirts