REVIEW: ZeroFit HeatRub Move Hoodie

A New Comer To The Hot Hoodie Trend

Whether you like it or not, hoodies have arrived on the golf scene.  While I’ve been seeing them for years at the local muni, especially in MN.  More recently they’ve made their way to the PGA tour.  It is a comfortable, casual, warm staple of many young person’s wardrobe.  They are great for cool weather or for changing weather as an extra layer.  One of the issues with some hoodies is the thick/sweatshirt like material that can be bulky, even to the point of restricting the swing.  ZeroFit is new to the US market with their HeatRub Move Hoodie which is thin like a t-shirt, but yet one of the warmest hoodies I’ve ever worn.  It might just be the product that convinces you to embrace the hoodie too.

ZeroFit was created in 2005 in Japan by the owner of EON Sports since he was always cold while playing golf.  In 2010 it really took off in Japan as base layer apparel for golfers.  In 2021 they are coming to the US with their line of base layer apparel.  Their main focus is heat.  They use ‘friction heating’ as they call it to keep you warmer and trap more body heat than other products on the market.   This warmth paired with stretch makes for a product that is ideal for cold weather golf. 
The ZeroFit HeatRub Move Hoodie comes in black.  It is very lightweight, about the weight of a polo.  It is very soft and has a nice stretch to it.  It has a textured feel to the outside with a fleece feel on the inside.  It is a really comfortable hoodie.  There are pockets on the side to hold tees or ball markers if you prefer not to use pants pockets, or they can be used to keep your hands warm.  The big red logo is hard to miss, but really didn’t bother me either.  The hood isn’t just looks, it can be pulled up and functions well to keep your head warm too.  I played a few holes with it up, but would prefer to play with it down.
The ZeroFit HeatRub Move Hoodie shines in the cool temps.  I was blown away by how warm I felt with just this thin hoodie on.  Often I’d be 3 layers thick at least in the cool temps, I just went with a single layer with this hoodie and nothing under it.  I stayed plenty warm for my entire round of golf.   It was in the 50s which for AZ golf is like freezing.
The ZeroFit HeatRub Move Hoodie is “made with 45% polypropylene which is an extremely unique material – it’s significantly lighter than polyester, nylon and water! So it gives you more warmth for less weight.”   Polypropylene is the key to the this hoodie.  It keeps you at a warm temperature without burning up nor feeling weighted down.   I’ve been certainly impressed with how warm and comfortable this hoodie.  It is a unisex sizing so check out the chart carefully depending on your gender.  I went with a M and it has a nice comfortable fit but not too loose that it hangs funny. 

The ZeroFit HeatRub Move Hoodie is my favorite hoodie by far.  The lightweight combined with warmth makes this perfect for AZ “winter” golf.  I hope they can add some colors to their selection because this hoodie offers the perfect golf combination of stretch, warmth, comfort and style.  Check out this new comer to the hot hoodie trend.

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