Durable, Functional & the Best Custom Tee Made
Most golfers take 2 approaches to purchasing tees: whatever wooden tee is handy or some “performance” tee they superstitiously think makes their ball go farther.  If you are a wooden tee guy, you either use what the golf course provides or you buy a bag of 100 for like $5.  If you believe in a performance tee you probably have spent $5 on just a tee or two.  The ZoomTee is going to appeal more to the “performance” tee group, but might even be able to win over some of the wooden tee guys with their durability and customization.  The ZoomTee is one of the most functional, durable and customizable tee you can buy.
ZoomTee is a plastic low-friction tee that appears to be impossible to break.  I’ve used the same tee now for 4 rounds and it doesn’t show any signs of wear, much less breakage.  There are a couple reasons for its durability.  The tee itself is a fairly stout plastic, but not brittle so it flexes well.  The flat design means the strength of the tee absorbs the impact.  The size means the thin points aren’t weak.  The low-friction head itself is also better designed so that the “contact points” aren’t thin or unsupported.  The last durability issue is more connected with losing tees.  It doesn’t flex so much it goes flying all over the place.  I’ve played some indestructible tees in the past and while you can’t break them, they sometimes fly so far off the tee box you can’t find them.  The ZoomTee just flies a short distance after shots so you shouldn’t lose it.


The ZoomTee has many functional features that can aid the golfer at set-up.  The tee is flat and wide which makes it easy to install even in hard AZ desert tee-boxes.  It is stout enough to push in hard without flexing or breaking.  The height notches give you something to line up every time you put the tee in the ground so you have a consistent height.  It doesn’t force you to only have 1 height, but allows for consistent height or a change in height for different clubs.  The low-friction cup is big enough that even a little shaky hand can still keep a ball on top of it.  Like any good tee, you can clean the grooves of your irons with the tip of the ZoomTee.  The bright colors and big body of the tee means that it is hard to loose, yet doesn’t poke you in the leg while in your pocket.

This really is the #1 benefit of the ZoomTee.  They offer the best and biggest customization of any tee I’ve ever seen.  The flat body allows for a full logo and text to be printed large and legible.  Wooden tee kind of let you put a logo on the “cup” and then maybe wrap some tiny text on the stem.  The ZoomTee offers large logos and large text printed in whatever colors you have.  These are the best corporate option for custom tees you can buy.  The offer big boxes, 3-packs, 2-packs and single tees.  The turn around time is fairly quick.  They will soon be offering their own graphic tees printed with things you might support or like on your tee.

ZoomTee is durable, functional and offer the best customization.  If you just want a great tee without customization, they run about a $1 per tee and customization will vary by quantity.  They do offer poker chip ball markers to compliment your ZoomTee.  While these tees won’t necessarily drop you score, they offer a consistent tee height, virtually unbreakable, don’t fly too far and look awesome with your logo on them.

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Quick Hits:
+Functional on course
+Best customizable tee
+Consistent height