2016 PGA Show Thoughts

What's the Coolest Gear You Saw?
Every year I get the same question while attending the PGA Show;  “What is the coolest gear you saw at the show?  Over the last 6 years of attending the show, there have been some easy answers to that question, while other years I just kind of feel like a deer in headlights offering nothing more than a blank stare.  So was there anything super cool for 2016?  Honestly, nothing blew me away. 
Even if there was nothing “super cool” I didn’t leave disappointed; the new 2016 golf gear that companies did bring was really solid across the board.  I liked some OEM offerings that were introduced at the show.  The updates to shot tracking devices looked solid, the push cart industry is certainly leaning toward adding powered options and the motion tracking technology seems to be improving.  Below are  4 of my favorites from the show.

Big Companies

I appreciate it when the Big OEM companies show us something new at the show. Cobra, Callaway and Taylormade did that! Titleist might be kind of boring, but has the best booths each year. On the flip side, it was disappointing to see no booth or demo day presence by Nike, Mizuno, and PXG.

Motion Capture Tech

While I'm still trying to figure out all the benefits of this emerging technology, BodiTrak's partnership with FJ and GEARs partnership with Cobra could benefit the golfer. A new company Mettis has some cool insoles for tracking weight transfer of your feet. Using the technology to improve is key.


I was surprised to see the volume of golf cart options on display at the show. Besides the standard power carts, a big push was made by the "skateboard" carts. There were push cart companies everywhere. My favorite was Stewart Golf Carts, makers of the X9 Follow.

Artistic Gear

Every year Edel golf absolutely kills it!! Their booth has some of the most creative putters and wedges you will find anywhere. Clyde's onsite engraving is awesome. Cru and Seamus headcover companies offer some of the most creative leather, tartan and copper accessories in golf.