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Sunday Golf Loma Bag

REVIEW: Sunday Golf Loma Bag The Best Sunday, Short Course, Range or Partial Set Bag 14 is the maximum number of clubs you are allowed

Tour Edge Exotics C721 Driver

Tour Edge Exotics C721 Driver

REVIEW: Tour Edge Exotics C721 Driver Activate Beast Mode Standing on the tee-box is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.  It means you


Sunday Golf Towel

REVIEW: Sunday Golf Towel No More Tri-Fold, Metal Grommet, Terry Cloth Towel Growing up there was only one style of golf towel.  It was a


Stableford Golf Wallet

REVIEW: Stableford Golf Wallet Say You’re A Golfer; Without Saying You’re A Golfer You’ve maybe seen this popular tweet/post about letting the world know you


Srixon ZX7 Driver

REVIEW: Srixon ZX7 Driver Launch It!! Standing on the tee box invokes all kinds of feelings.  Fear, Anticipation, Worry, Joy, Excitement, Hope, Confidence, Etc.  We’ve

Srixon ZX 3 Wood

Srixon ZX 3 Wood

REVIEW: Srixon ZX 3-wood One All-Around Performing 3-Wood There seems to be a trend by club manufactures to make multiple models of 3-woods so that

Callaway Apex Pro 21 Irons

REVIEW: Callaway Apex Pro 21 Irons Reach New Heights With Your Irons How do you feel about your iron game?  Irons tend to be one

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Short Par 4 apparel subscription

Short Par 4 Apparel Subscription

REVIEW: Short Par 4 Short Par 4 is a golf apparel subscription business launched in 2014 by, Bobby Dimeo, a graduate of the Golf Academy of

Bombtech Grenade Wedge Set

Bombtech Grenade Wedge Set

Review: Bombtech Grenade Wedge Set Quality Clubs Don’t have to Blow Up Your Budget $500 for  a driver, $1000 for a set of irons or

Wilson Duo Soft/Optix Golf Balls

Wilson Duo Soft Golf Balls

REVIEW: Wilson Duo Soft/Optix Golf Balls Balls That Make Every Club Feel Good Everyone always talks about how great forged blades feel at impact, or

Cobra King Forged Tec Irons

Cobra King Forged Tec Irons

REVIEW: Cobra King Forged Tec Irons Beautiful Distance A new category of irons was created a few years ago called players distance irons. While both


Srixon ZX5 Irons

REVIEW: Srixon ZX5 Irons Making Player Improvement Irons Even Better Looking Everyone drools over the look of blades, but know that in reality they need

Cut Golf Blue and Grey Balls

Cut Golf Balls

REVIEW: Cut Golf Blue and Grey Balls Cut Out the Middle Man for Your Tour Balls What ball plays like a ProV1 but costs 1/2

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