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Best Golf Balls for High Handicap

Best Golf Balls for High Handicap 2023

We have been independently reviewing golf balls for over 10 years and have tried nearly every golf ball you can name.
Our breakdown today details golf balls for every type of high handicap golfer, including balls catered towards distance, a soft feel, choices for fast and slower swing speeds, as well as budget-friendly picks.

Best Golf Balls For Seniors

Best Golf Balls For Seniors 2023

The Srixon Q-STAR TOUR’s take our top spot on our list of the best golf balls for seniors because they are specifically designed to get the most performance out of moderate to slower swing speeds.The Q-STAR TOUR offers the distance you’d expect from a tour-level premium golf

Best Golf Balls for Women

Best Golf Balls for Women 2023

Regardless of skill level, all amateur women golfers will see improved performance by playing a golf ball with a compression rating and design catered towards their swing attributes.

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Do Golf Balls Go Bad?

Do Golf Balls Go Bad?

Yes, golf balls can absolutely “go bad,” but usually, some damage (Chips, Scratches, Cuts, Scuffs) from an external source has to happen to the golf ball first

Vice Golf Balls Review

Vice Golf Balls – Pro, Tour and Drive

Did Vice Golf create a ball that plays like a Pro V1 at a lower price? I compare them with a Flightscope Launch Monitor in this review. You won’t be disappointed with these golf balls.


Wilson DUO Urethane Golf Balls

Review: Wilson DUO Urethane Golf Balls “The World’s Softest Tour Ball” I’ve been looking forward to testing out the new Wilson Staff DUO Urethane golf

TaylorMade Penta TP5 Ball

TaylorMade Penta TP5 Ball

Review: TaylorMade Penta TP5 Ball Closing the Gap In 2012 Taylormade has started to close the gap and challenge that #1 ball spot with the

Polara Golf Balls Self Correcting

Polara Self-Correcting Golf Balls

There is an arrow on the ball to point at your target. The dimple pattern through this middle section is much shallower, while the outer dimples are much deeper.


OnCore Golf Balls

REVIEW: OnCore Golf Balls by: T_Fity Another “Better” Golf Ball? It seems that each year we see a new golf ball or two trying to cut

Wilson Duo Soft Ball Review

Wilson Duo Soft Golf Balls

After using these balls for over 3 weeks, the Wilson Duo Soft are some of the softest golf balls I’ve ever tried. The Optix come in a colored matte finish which I liked