Full Disclosure

At Independent Golf Reviews, we strongly believe in providing honest and unbiased reviews of golf products.

For this reason, we never have and never will accept money in exchange for a positive review. 

We are not sponsored by, affiliated with, or represent any specific golf company or brand. 

We do however receive most products as media samples directly from each company in order to complete each review. This is done to provide real reviews of the products by actually using them.

We don’t allow these relationships or samples to affect the integrity of the reviews. We will always be honest with our opinions and it has worked for us so far.

By operating this way it allows us to maintain our independence while also making our review process of expensive golf equipment financially viable.

We also support our website in other ways. Here is how we do it.

How we make money 📊

Writing detailed reviews like we do takes a lot of time and money. (Spoiler: Golf is an expensive hobby) 

Here are the main ways we support our website:

Affiliate Links

Our site contains affiliate links within some of our reviews. When you click on these links it will take you to an online store such as Amazon where you can buy that golf product online. If you do, we may receive a commission on the sale.

You pay the normal price and sometimes will even get a discount!

This is a win-win for everyone. You get the golf product you wanted and we get a commission for helping you make a decision and showing you a great place to buy it! 

You may think this is an incentive for us to leave only positive reviews and try to make a sale, but in actuality we have found that even when we leave a negative review for a product we still get commissions from people buying using our link! The world is a strange place. 

Also, we value our reputation and trust with readers much more than the small amount we could make on any one product by leaving a slightly more positive review. We could always just suggest a better alternative product!

This is why you will still find us suggesting you don’t buy some golf products and being 100% truthful in our reviews.


Unfortunately, we also need to run ads to support our website. I know, everyone hates ads.

We do our best to make them non-intrusive and hopefully they are at least relevant or useful to you in some way. It is just the reality of the internet nowadays.

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