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We try our best to work with brands and companies of all different sizes and want to give an opportunity to every golf product to be reviewed on this website.

If you would like to submit your golf products for review by our team members, you are welcome to do so on this page by completing the following form. 

Before submitting your product/brand, please read our requirements

What to expect

➜  We do not BUY or SELL products, wholesale or otherwise. This is not a sales inquiry. This is a request to send in your product as a sample to be reviewed by our golf experts.

➜  We do not accept money in exchange for a review

➜  We will be honest with our review and we will not change our opinions/statements upon your request

➜  The review will typically take 1 month to complete, although we make no guarantees regarding the timeline

What You Will Get

➜  A deep, thorough, and well thought out review by one of our golf experts with years of experience testing and reviewing many golf products

➜  An honest chance. We will use your product for 3+ rounds of golf and do our best to make adjustments to it to make it work for our game.

➜  We post all published articles on our social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, FB etc.)

➜  When a new review is posted on our site it becomes the first post on our homepage where it will be seen by thousands of golf readers

➜  A mention back to your website or store in the review for readers

Submission Form

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No sales reps please.
Include product URL's if available.
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