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Have you ever wanted a real golfers true, unbiased review and opinion on a particular piece of golf equipment before you buy it?

That is exactly what we give you here at Independent Golf Reviews.

We are a small team of real golfers that have spent over 10 years testing and reviewing nearly every golf product you can think of.

At our core we are golf enthusiasts. 

Throughout the years we have become experts on all things golf. Clubs, balls, shafts, clothes, bags.. You name it, we know all about it.

With over 1100 products thoroughly tested and reviewed, we believe we have a deeper insight into golf equipment than your average golfer and we want to share this perspective with you. 

We know what makes a good or bad product, and we know how it compares to all the other options in the market.

Golf equipment recommendations are rarely black and white. What works best for one golfers game or swing might not work for another. We recognize this and do our best to provide as much information as possible on the product from our personal testing. We will give the pros and cons, explain how it compares to other options, and then try to provide a recommendation on what type of golfer would be a good fit with the product.

Hopefully you will finish reading some of our reviews with a better understanding of what equipment you should or shouldn’t buy next to improve your game!

Our goal is to review every single golf product there is and provide a consistent independent opinion and testing across them all.

Principles We Stand By

 Always Keep Our Independence and Integrity: We will never let our opinions be swayed by any brand or product for any reason. Our thoughts and opinions are always our own and we will never change that for anybody, no matter how upset anyone gets.

 Every Product Must be Personally Used: If we are going to review a product, it must be personally used by our team for many full rounds of golf. Other sites will write reviews on products without ever actually using the equipment themselves. We believe our readers deserve better than that. If a product is reviewed on this site it means we have actually used it, usually for about 2-5 rounds of golf.

Here is more on our review process:

Our Review Process

1.  I try to check specs and quality upon arrival.

2.  I attempt to play or use everything stock for at least a couple of rounds.

3.  If stock set-up is not working well or to its full potential, I’ll reshaft, regrip, bend or do whatever I can to make it a better fit for my game.

4.  I will play a minimum of 5 rounds with clubs and accessories, more if possible.
    4a.  A course review is generally one round, but I try to take time examining the course, its features and staff.  I take lots of pictures.

5.  I will include a Flightscope table to all club, shafts, balls, etc reviews from the range sessions so that you can see my exact numbers.

6.  Write an in depth review that covers both positive and negative aspects.

7.  I make the effort to answer any questions that come from the review.

Meet The Team


Ryan Heiman – Founder and Head Author of Independent Golf Reviews

Founder of Independent Golf Reviews, Ryan plays to about a 3 handicap and writes most of the articles about the equipment, accessories and travel. Now living in Tucson, AZ he enjoys year round golf. He's been writing reviews here and for other websites for over 10 years now. He has worked with every brand over that time. Learn more...


Cole Pippo – Webmaster and Partner at Independent Golf Reviews

Master of all things web. Born and raised in the Toronto Area. Cole plays to about a 15 handicap and does all the web design and technical work for IGR. Learn more...


Stephen Zinger - Author at Independent Golf Reviews

@Spyzinger or #BestLookingManInGolf plays to about a 12 handicap and writes most of the articles about apparel, #BestLookingGear and does the majority of the interviews. He lives and works in St. Paul, MN. His home course is Troy Burne Golf Course in Hudson, WI. Learn more...


Tyler Fitzel - Author at Independent Golf Reviews

@T_Fity plays to about a 1 handicap and writes about balls and shafts. He works for 2nd Swing Golf as a professional fitter. Learn more...


Leah Gruber - Author at Independent Golf Reviews

@LeahGruber plays to about a 25 handicap and is new to the game of golf. She adds the women's perspective to our site and writes about fitness, beginning golf and women's gear. Learn more...

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