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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you contact us, please read these frequently asked questions to see if we can save you time and effort.

I have a question about a specific product you reviewed

Sure, we would love to help you with any question you have about a product. First, please be sure that we have reviewed the product on our site and that you have read the review in full.

After that, feel free to send us your question and we will forward it to the team member who has the most experience with it! Use the contact form below.

Can you give me a recommendation / advice on equipment?

We can try. Send us as much details as possible about you, your golf game, and exactly what you are debating or need help with and maybe we can provide some insight from our experience. Use the contact form below.

Will you review my golf product / brand?

Maybe. If it fits our criteria and we think it will be valuable to our readers then we will try to review it. Although we make no promises that it will be all positive opinions.

Please go to this page for submissions: Submit Your Product for Review

Can I become a writer for Independent Golf Reviews?

Possibly. If you are interested and think you have the writing ability and passion for it then you can reach out to us, tell us about yourself, your game, and why you want to write and we will get back to you. At that point we will probably ask you to write a full review of a product that is already in your bag as a sample and provide some verifications.

Keep in mind that you are requesting to join the team at IGR on a long term basis, consistently writing reviews. We are very strict with what we publish on our site and do not allow just anybody to write a review. We like it to be the same writers across the whole site so we can make 100% sure that each review is unbiased, independent and consistent. 

We do not allow random posts from random authors because we can not be 100% certain that the review is genuine or high quality.

If you are still interested please use the contact form below.

Do you accept guest reviews / posts?

Nope. We have never published content on this website that is not written by our long term team members and we do not plan on changing that. This is how we maintain the integrity and consistency of our reviews.

If you contact us asking about guest posts we will mark your message as spam.

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