3 Wood vs. 3 Hybrid Difference

Hybrid clubs have a smaller head than fairway woods. A fairway wood will go further than a hybrid. The main difference you need to pay attention to is hybrid clubs are easier to hit than fairway woods.

Yeah, knowing all that helps, but a golfer needs to know why. Golf players need to know how to hit consistent shots in windy conditions, when the ball is sitting low in the rough, and when you need 10 extra yards. We know all that. Keep reading, and you will too.

3 Hybrid vs 3 Wood

Main differences between a hybrid and wood

Tech specs and other similarities many golfers should know

3 woods have less loft than 3 hybrids by about 4-5 degrees. The most common lofts for these clubs are 15 and 19, respectively. Fairway woods and hybrids use a similar graphite shaft, are both adjustable, and have interchangeable weights.

Each of these two clubs uses a carbon composite material engineered specifically for golf clubs. The faces are from various materials that include titanium, steel, and other blends.

In the pursuit of the lightest and most responsive club faces, materials used by the big brands have gotten softer and are susceptible to dings and dents. 3 hybrid or 3 wood, the materials used demand that the clubs be treated with care or risk damaging them.

If you use either of these for tee shots frequently, you’ll even be able to see exactly where the tee makes impact with the face.


The hybrid

A 3 hybrid has a lower center of gravity than a 3 wood. Because of this, it is easy to launch the ball high and more difficult to hit the ball thin. The shape of the hybrid helps it to cut through dirt while a fairway wood bounces off the ground. Even when you take a small divot with a hybrid, you still make contact with the large sweet spot.

Hybrids have an even weight distribution making it so that contact off-center does not mean much. This happens because when weight is too concentrated in one place (the clubface), your room for error is minimal.

If you’re able to distribute it evenly, the ball will react the same off the center of the club as it does off-center.

The 3 wood

Your 3 wood has a deeper center, and any type of contact with the ground could throw your shot off. It is why a wood requires a sweeping swing compared to a steep swing. Your goal should be to slide across the top of the grass with your swing, pinching off a small amount of turf instead of taking an actual divot.

This head shape is the same reason that a fairway wood is difficult to hit from the rough for most golfers. The less grass between your ball and club, the better. 

3 wood vs. 3 hybrid doesn’t always matter. Hitting the ball off the toe or heel will create a ton of spin, but you’ll still get more distance than you would with a long iron.

3 hybrid advantages

Floating the ball in the air

Playing downwind with a 3 hybrid offers a major benefit over long irons and a 3 wood. With the high launch angle, the wind will lead to added distance. 

Different swings, same success

It is normal to take a divot with a 3 hybrid. When you use a 3 hybrid, the main difference is you can be successful with a steep or sweeping swing. With other types of clubs, the necessary swing leans one way or the other. You don’t need to stray from your natural swing for the 3 hybrid.

Carrying hybrids and more

Golfers that struggle to hit any type of iron use game improvement irons (and hybrids). Extremely talented golfers use blades. Golfers in the middle use a mix of standard irons, starting with a mid iron like a 7, and hybrids. This type of set is perfect for elevating a middle-of-the-pack golfer by replacing difficult to hit long irons.

From any spot on the course

You can use a 3 hybrid on any grass. Fairway or rough, it doesn’t matter since the hybrid club head cuts through the grass. You can also use them from a fairway bunker as long as you skim across the top of the sand and have a little room to get the ball up.

A 3 hybrid, but for chipping?

Most hybrids have a squared face, where the bottom groove isn’t much smaller than a middle one. Because of this, many golfers have adapted their 3 hybrids as something they can use anywhere from 20 yards out to the fringe as an option to “chip” with.

3 wood advantages

Hit the ball longer

Distance. What else is there to say about this one? Besides a driver, which only can be hit for tee shots, there are no clubs better suited for long shots than fairway woods. When it comes to your second shot on a par 5 or long par 4, a fairway wood sets you up the best.

Escaping the wind

Since fairway woods have a lower trajectory than a hybrid, they are less affected by wind and more affected by terrain. This can be an advantage or disadvantage. When it’s in your favor, you hit the ball below the wind or roll downhill.

Making a difficult club easier

Like drivers, and unlike irons, fairway woods have increased lofts in the last decade. People, and we mean brand names producing these clubs, have realized adding a few degrees of loft increases launch angle and distances.

Besides technological improvements, this change has directly led to fairway woods being easier to hit now than in the past.

Shaft difference

A fairway wood has the longest shaft in your bag (besides the driver), making it a great choice for shots with a big swing. A full-extension and fast swing are easier with fairway woods than any other club in your golf bag.

Driver substitute

Every golfer wants to find the fairway easier. We can’t blame them. Just like with longer shots, it is easier to hit fairway woods than drivers for most golfers with accuracy. The shorter shaft and smaller clubface all go into assisting beginner and intermediate players with hitting better shots.

Fairway woods vs. 3 hybrid—which club is better for a high handicap?

If you can only choose one club, a 3 hybrid is better for a high handicap golfer than a 3 wood. A 3 hybrid is a more versatile club across the board and, as a result, plays better from different spots. Even for an intermediate golfer, we would give the same advice.

We know that club selection is personal preference, but having a club that you can use off the tee, from the fairway or rough, and as a bump and run chip club is too good to pass up. With the design, it is easy to hit straight shots with a normal swing and even easier with a small swing.

What if my swing speed is low?

A hybrid is also much easier to generate power with when you have slower swing speeds. With hybrid clubs, ball speed doesn’t have to be about swing speed. More control and precise shots from anywhere on the course? Count me in.

Fairway wood vs. 3 hybrid from the tee?

Yes, a fairway wood is better from the tee. The two clubs require about the same amount of precision from this spot as well as tight lies. The 3 wood generates more distance from either location.

Fairway wood vs. 3 hybrid from everywhere else

When it comes to any other spot on the course, a hybrid becomes the club of choice. More loft lets you hit the ball higher, and tricky lies become easier. Don’t get me wrong, having either one means you have a great club.

But, if you can only choose one club and you are looking for a club you can easily use in a variety of situations, there is no debate between 3 hybrid vs. 3 wood. The answer is 3 hybrid.


If you want both types of club, a 3 wood and 3 hybrid combination are great. Where it would get tricky is if you want to carry a 3 hybrid and 5 wood. A 3 hybrid has a loft of about 19 degrees. A 5 wood has a loft between 20 and 22 degrees. A 3 hybrid replaces the 5 wood.

Players carry each club about the same distance in the air, and there is not much of a discernible difference between the two. Carrying the two together can be redundant. At this point, it becomes your preferred club type.

Go with your personal preference or what you’re most comfortable with.

Is it easier to shape a ball with a fairway wood or hybrid?

Golf ball manipulation is a funny thing. You can almost learn from your terrible misses how to turn them into your best recovery shots.

You’re more likely to miss big with a 3 wood than a 3 hybrid at any golf course. This also makes it easier to shape the ball with a fairway wood than it is with a hybrid. If you’re looking for a low hook, a 3 wood is the best bet.

Chances are, if you need that shot, you might not be in the best place to hit a fairway wood. We’ll let you figure that one out, though.

If you’re looking for a high cut, a hybrid plays easier than a fairway wood. But, you will not be able to cut the ball as hard as you would with a 3 wood or long iron.

Can you carry both in your bag? (Most golfers do)

Yes, you can absolutely carry a 3 hybrid and 3 wood together. The clubs go different distances, and plenty of players do this.

Hybrids taking over for irons

A 3 hybrid is an iron replacement. You’re using this club because you are not comfortable hitting a long iron. It’s also because you will benefit from a 3 hybrid, which is easier to hit high, with consistency, and quite frankly requires less skill. This means nothing other than you’re an average golfer in search of accurate shots.

Control over distance

Fairway woods have their own specific niche and isn’t necessarily the replacement of one specific club. However, the fairway wood is a bit closer to a driver replacement than anything else.

Because of the shorter graphite shaft and smaller clubhead, golfers who struggle with the driver see the fairway wood as a replacement will many uses. Using fairway woods come with a distance sacrifice but can be easier to control.

Why carrying both is good

Playing golf is about getting the ball from the tee into the hole. A fairway wood will help, and a hybrid club will also help. If something works for you, go with it. And golfers prefer things that work. Considering how mental golf is, if it provides a confidence boost, that should weigh much heavier than losing a few yards.

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