Review: 59 Buckles & Belts

Golf Belt Buckle Art
Belt buckle art has been around for a long time.  But if you are like me, you have stayed as far away from those as possible.  You don’t want to look like you are wearing the WWE Championship belt, or some reject cowboy buckle;   You want something custom, artistic, yet wearable in public.
Trevor Derrheim of 59 belts has hit that elusive look on the head.  (59 is that elusive score golfers dream of shooting someday, but 99.9% of us will never even get close.)  59 belts knows you might never get close to that number, but you can still wear a buckle that makes you feel like a pro capable of shooting that low of a score.  59 belts/buckles are becoming more and more popular on Tour.  If you watch any given event; PGA, LPGA or Champions Tour, you will see a good number of 59 buckles being used.


It starts with a raw billet of stainless steel and a crafted CNC operator.  You design the buckle, and they make it happen; or if you don’t have a design or logo of your own, you can get a belt with their cool ambigram number 59.  You can also get it done in Aluminum if you want a lighter-weight buckle or some different finishes.  I love wearing a “Made in the USA” product too.

My belt took a few back and forth emails to get the design just right.  The iGr logo has a few versions and some were just simply to intricate for the milling.  The finished buckle came through absolutely perfect.  It was just what I wanted and looked even better in person than I had expected.  The pictures speak for themselves.

Another unique feature of 59 belts/buckles is the clasping system.  Instead of a pass-by system that allows the belt to pass through the buckle and double up on itself, the 59 system has 2 pegs at each end of the buckle.  One side is the spring clipped mount, while the other offers about 1.5” of adjustment.  To be fit properly you measure the exact distance through you belt loops of your pants with them one.  The belt is then cut and punched to fit exact.  It meets in the middle under the buckle for a very clean look and it is very comfortable, with no extra leather.  There is still some adjustment depending on which holes you use on the belt, but still really only has about 1.5” of give.  So if you are planning to lose or gain a whole bunch of weight, know that you might have to have your belt recut/repunched, or a new strap all together.

You pick the buckle and then pick the straps, you can buy as many different colors as you so choose, as well as some exotic skins.  Each strap is a thick supple leather that should fit in most belt loops.  I had one pair  of pants that has some really short loops, but in the rest of my golf pants they fit  perfectly.  Each belt is stamped with the 59 logo which is not too bold, but just enough for someone to know the brand you are wearing.  It all comes in a nice package for storage, the wool lined pouch has a buckle slot and then room to keep a couple rolled up straps.

I received so many oohs and aahs wearing my 59 belt while I was playing golf.  I actually wear it most of the time even when I am not golfing.  It’s a bit much with a suit, but shorts, jeans, or just about anything else, I’m rocking a 59 belt and buckle.  I am putting in another order for more straps and a new buckle right now; that is how much I really like this belt and buckle.  (Check out the Murdered Out and Aluminum Buckles below) The sky is the limit with designs and finishes on these.  Trevor keeps coming up with new ideas that look classy and stylish. There some limited edition ones too that go with the major tournaments;  You might just want to check those out.  If you want a custom logo’d belt or a 59 buckle, these simply are the best buckle art and belts.

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Quick Hits
+Custom buckles in Stainless or Aluminum
+Excellent thick leather straps or exotic skins
+Subtle or bold looks available
+You pick the combo
+Made in the USA
+Super durable

–Buckle art has a pricell swings