REVIEW: Arccos Caddie Link Shot Tracking Sensor

Another Game Changer from Arccos??
I have been a devout user of Arccos since the beginning.   They’ve been “Game Changers” since day 1.  Their tracking ability and stat information changed my game for the better.  They aren’t the only ones in the business, but they continue to innovate which keeps them at the head of the class.   Arccos has always relied on your phone to capture data while other systems have used a watch or tagging system.  While having a phone in my pocket is normal during golf, I do sometimes set it down in the cart or even prefer to complete “unplug” for a few hours.  The Arccos Caddie Link is the solution, it is a small belt worn sensor that collects data and sends it to your phone.   Is this another game changer from Arccos?  Read on to find out…
I’ll admit I am a little biased toward Arccos because I feel like they have some of the easiest to follow stats and analytics, especially with the new Strokes Grained information.  I’ve also been a huge fan of the caddie feature when using Arccos on the phone for my rangefinder.  Their constantly updating app and information makes it my favorite choice of stat tracking systems.  In addition to this, their sensors come pre-installed in Cobra and Ping clubs which makes it even easier to use their system.
The Arccos Caddie Link is a pretty small unit, about size of a couple half dollar coins and about as thick as your cell-phone.  It gets charged with a micro-USB cord and had a multicolored light to help you know the status of the unit.  The large button is the only other piece of the puzzle that allows you to turn it off and on and connect to your phone.  It only takes a few seconds to pair with your phone prior to your round.  Then you use the app to start your round like normal.  For the rest of your round, you can put your phone away, the Caddie Link will capture all of your shots.  I found it more accurate than my phone and obviously way easier/smaller to have on me.
The Arccos Caddie Link is a great addition to the Arccos product line.  It isn’t necessary, but the on-course Arccos function is much smoother with the Link because you never accidentally leave it in the cart or in your back pocket or in your bag.   I think the Caddie Link is a true game changer for Arccos because it now appeals to every golfer, even the golfer that keeps their phone put away during their round of golf.    It still requires some tech usage, but most of that is before or after your round.  The only downside is that it is still using your phones GPS so you will kill your phone battery while using the Link.  The Arccos app requires “always” GPS so make sure you turn that off after your round too to save some battery.  I did easily get 36 holes on one charge, but I also forgot to charge it between rounds which is always a downfall of “golf only” tech. 

The Arccos Caddie Link golf shot tracking system is legit.  Maybe still not “perfect” but pretty darn close.  This is another game changer from Arccos for knowing the truth about your game.   If you want to get better, you NEED to know exactly what to hit, when to hit it and where your strengths and weaknesses are.  Arccos still offers the best stat information in the game, especially with the new strokes gained information in the app.  The Caddie Link is a great addition to get more accurate data without keeping a phone in your front pocket.   It is a game changer for me.

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Quick Hits:
+Accurate shot capture
+Easy to set-up
+Thoughtless use
+Good battery life

–Forget to charge between rounds.