Review: ARCCOS GPS Stat Tracking System

The Best Way to Improve is to Know Your Stats

As a High School golf coach, I’m constantly asking my golfers if they know their club distances and stats.  No matter how often I talk to them about dialing in their clubs and distances, more often than not I just see them guessing.  The same is true for many amateur golfers.  They believe that they hit an 8-iron 150 yards, when that has only happened once in the last 25 rounds, but actually hit it 135 yards on average.  But not only are average distances important, know how you miss, where you miss and when you miss are keys to knowing how to improve your game.  ARCCOS is the best way to improve your game because of the knowledge you have of your statistics.

ARCCOS isn’t the first stat tracking system I’ve used, but it is the best.  The simplicity and ease of use make it the top product in its category.  The 14 Bluetooth grip caps are easy to install and will work on any club, as long as the ARCCOS app knows which club you have it attached to.  13 caps are the same and there is one more sensitive putter cap.  The app is super easy to install and fire up.  Within 15 minutes of receiving the ARCCOS system, I was on the course using it.  The caps weight and size are not a factor that impacts club performance in any way.  The ARCCOS Bluetooth grip cap has a battery that will eventually need to be replaced, but the company says they should last 40+ rounds.  I’m only about a quarter of the way there.

You can use the system 2 ways.  Either passively tracking everything while you play, and then looking at the stats at the end of your round, or keeping the app open during play and using the GPS for yardages of past and future shots.  I’ve used a mixture of the features.  Some rounds I just start it and don’t even remember I tracked my stats until I got home, while other rounds I’ve been using the GPS features along the way for every shot.  I can’t say it helped me shoot better scores either way I used it.  The improvement comes post-rounds and pre-rounds when I decided on a new game plan based on my stats.

ARCCOS is currently iOS only so you need an iPhone to use it.  It takes about 60% of your phone’s battery to play 1 round.  I use a Mophie battery case anyways so that was never and issue.  They have 2 different apps so that you could use it during tournament play with the restrictive app.  It disables some of the live features so that all it can do is track stats.

While it is the best in its class, there are still some glitches that are being worked out along the way.  For example my app doesn’t load instantly every time, especially if I am on a 4G network. I’ve had to log out and log back in to get it to work.  It tracks most shots well, even with practice swings, but if you hit a 2nd shot in a close proximity, it only tracks 1 shot.  It is because shots like these that you will need to review your round after completion just to be sure it got every shot.  If you hit a stray ball OB you will also need to add a penalty stroke in post round.

The stats that can help you improve you game are laid out in a neat and clean format so that you can quickly see where improvement is needed.  It was clear that approach shots coming up short was the most common mistake in my game and the reason for higher scores.  I’m learning to watch my yardage just a little closer and play to my strengths rather than my weaknesses.

ARCCOS is the best stat tracking system available.  In either the passive or active use, it shines as the easiest and most comprehensive stat tracking available, as well as the live GPS stats to tell what is left to the hole or how far you just hit your club.  Knowing your stats is the best way to improve your game.

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Very easy to set-up and install
+Accurate measurements
+Live GPS
+App layout is very clean
+Stat data is easy to understand and use

–App glitches