Best Golf Chippers 2023

The best golf chippers are designed to help golfers who struggle around the green. If you get little success with a traditional wedge, consider a chipper golf club.

We found the Ping ChipR to be the best golf chipper in 2023. Golf “chippers” make it easier to play pitch and chip shots, and this one does precisely that.

Best Golf Chipper



Ping ChipR

  • Phenomenal feel

  • Super forgiving

  • Great versatility



Odyssey X-Act Chipper

  • Easy to hit

  • Outstanding turf interaction

  • Grip helps with stability



Cleveland Smart Sole 4

  • Amazing value

  • Excellent spin rates

  • Forgiving

The Ping ChipR has 38.5 degrees of loft, close to an 8-iron or 9-iron. However, the length of 35 inches and the lie angle of 70 closely resemble a putter. This combination makes the Ping ChipR extremely versatile.


  1. Ping ChipR (Best Overall)
  2. Odyssey X-Act Chipper (Runner-Up)
  3. Cleveland Smart Sole 4 (Best Value)
  4. Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper (Best Budget)
  5. Square Strike Wedge (Most Forgiving)
  6. Mazel Golf Chipper (Alternate Value)

1. Ping ChipR (Best Overall)

Ping ChipR

Overall, the Ping ChipR is the best golf chipper in 2023. It makes hitting shots around the greens much more effortless.

The ChipR is designed so that you can use a putting stroke when playing chip shots. That leaves less room for error and helps you hit more consistent shots.

This golf chipper also has perimeter weighting and a high MOI for great forgiveness. Your chip shots will travel well even when you don’t connect properly.

The chambered sole makes it a versatile club. It’s easy to use this chipper from the rough as well as the fairway.

MicroMax grooves offer spin control. You can get the spin you want on chips of every length.



  • Premium chipper

  • Nice feel

  • Versatile

  • Forgiving

  • Good spin control

  • High price

2. Odyssey X-Act Chipper (Runner-Up)

Odyssey X-Act Chipper

The Odyssey X-Act Chipper is our runner-up for the best golf chippers. It has 37 degrees of loft and is 35.5 inches long.

The X-Act sole has a hybrid-like sole design to help with consistent turf interaction around the green. It works exceptionally well from tight lies but also enables you to get your golf ball rolling for the green from the rough.

This golf chipper has an excellent feel. The grooved urethane insert helps it have the desired feel on shorter and longer-distance shots.

It also has a grip similar to a putter grip to stabilize your hands through impact, keeping your stroke consistent. Also, the grip is longer, so you can position your hands for various shots further down the shaft for better control.



  • Easy to use

  • Helps with turf interaction

  • Excellent feel

  • Grip stabilizes your hands

  • Slightly heavy and bulky

3. Cleveland Smart Sole 4 (Best Value)

Cleveland Smart Sole 4

The Cleveland Smart Sole 4 golf chipper offers you the best value. You get phenomenal spin and versatility with this chipper.

The Cleveland Smart Sole chipper has the face technology of Cleveland’s best wedges in the head of a chipper. You get optimal spin from the milled grooves every time the golf ball comes in contact with the face.

Players also get more forgiveness from the three-tiered extra-wide sole. It promotes consistent turf interaction, meaning less chance of chunking shots.

This chipper has 42 degrees of loft. That makes it a flexible option on the golf course. You can play higher shots with it than other chippers, bringing more versatility to your golf game.



  • Excellent value

  • Great spin

  • Versatile

  • Forgiving

  • Face feels firm

4. Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper (Best Budget)

Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper

The Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper is the best budget option. It has the classic look of traditional golf chippers, which many players will like.

It offers outstanding performance from tight lies. The wide sole glides over the ground and ensures you make good contact with the golf ball.

The Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper also has above-average spin characteristics. So, you can get the ball to respond how you want it to, even though the chipper has a stronger loft of 32 degrees.

This chipper looks like a putter when you’re looking down on it. It has an alignment aid that makes it easier to aim your chip shot correctly.



  • Classic look

  • Outstanding from tight lies

  • Good spin

  • Easy to align

  • Strong loft makes shorter shots harder

5. Square Strike Wedge (Most Forgiving)

Square Strike Wedge

The Square Strike Wedge is the most forgiving option on our list of the best golf chippers. It’s forgiving across the entire face, but especially when you strike the toe.

It has three loft options, but the 45-degree option fits more with traditional golf chippers. Its design allows you to hit shots around the green with the best results if you struggle with classic wedges.

The Square Strike Wedge performs well from bad lies. Its wide sole and beveled leading edge make it almost impossible to hit fat shots.

However, this chipper excels in forgiveness; it’s the main feature. Any mishits will go a similar distance to standard shots, giving you greater consistency and dependability.



  • Super forgiving

  • Different loft options

  • Performs well from bad lies

  • Almost impossible to chunk

  • The heavy head takes getting used to

6. Mazel Golf Chipper (Alternate Value)

Mazel Golf Chipper

The Mazel Golf Chipper offers you an excellent alternate value option. It has four lofts: 35, 45, 55, and 60 degrees.

For the price, this chipper performs better than expected when it comes to spin. The golf ball won’t stop on a dime, but you can use the spin to help your distance control. You can keep the ball from running too far across the green.

The Mazel Golf Pitching and Chipper Wedge also give you great forgiveness. This chipper helps prevent chunks and thin shots. It performs well on mishits, while the no-digging wide sole helps you get the best contact with the ball.

Unlike some golf chippers, this one conforms to the rules of golf and is legal for tournament play. So, you can use a golf chipper like this in competition and not just for practice.



  • Great value

  • Good spin

  • Forgiving

  • Legal for tournament play

  • Not the most versatile


When buying a golf chipper, you should consider versatility, forgiveness, loft, head shape, and price.


The best golf chippers should offer versatility for different types of shots. You want them to help your short game in various situations around the greens.

Not only should they perform well on the fairway, but they also need to work from tough lies. You want to be able to use them for short shots and longer pitches up to about 40 yards.

This way, one golf club can do the job of a few other clubs.


Forgiveness is another crucial consideration when buying the best golf chippers. Beginners, high handicappers, and senior golfers tend to use chippers. They need to be forgiving for the best results.

These players usually need help to strike the ball consistently. A forgiving chipper means their performance around the greens can stay manageable.

Even mishits will go a similar distance to good shots, giving these golfers more consistent distance control. Forgiveness helps them get the ball closer to the hole on off-center strikes.


As we’ve seen from our list, chippers have different loft options. These golf clubs can range from around 32 degrees of loft up to 60 degrees.

The loft you need depends on the types of shots you want to play with the chipper. For bumps and runs, you can go with lower loft options.

You need a higher loft if you want to replace some wedges. A 60-degree chipper can even substitute for a lob wedge, but you will get less spin with the chipper than the wedge.

Head Shape

Chippers have two different head shapes: blade and mallet. Blade chippers offer a more traditional feel and look like a blade putter, while mallet chippers have a more modern look and resemble a mallet putter.

The head shape you choose mostly comes down to personal preference. Some golfers like the blade shape, while others enjoy the mallet.


The price is the last thing to consider when buying a golf chipper. You just need to consider your budget with the other features we listed to narrow down your choices. Our list offers options in different price ranges.


Overall, the Ping ChipR is the best golf chipper in 2023. This premium chipper feels nice off the club face and offers excellent versatility.

It gives you plenty of forgiveness on those off-center strikes, helps with consistency, and offers excellent spin control on various shots.

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