Review: Bradley Allan Solid Polo

Luxurious Fabric for Performance and Comfort
Golf shirts have become much more than cotton or “tech” fabric.  The blends and technology used now to create golf polos have changed in recent years.  Not only have the materials changed, but the details and designs have changed too.   You don’t walk into a golf pro shop anymore and find a brand or two.  Now there are 100s of brands making golf shirts.  So how do you narrow it down?  I’m guessing most of us are still drawn to certain colors that fit our eyes and others to certain brands.  If you are like my wife, you do the “touch” test; What does it feel like in hand?  Bradley Allan will win the touch test against just about any shirt on the market.  His luxurious fabric is pima cotton/polyester blend that offers both performance and comfort.
Brad Franklin founder and designer of Bradley Allan has a long history in the golf apparel industry.  He had previously worked for Dunning, Tommy Hilfiger Golf and AUR Golf.  He decided that it was time to go out on his own.  He used that experience to create his brand and focus on details and materials that would work as well off the course as on it.  Some keys to accomplishing this are his luxurious fabric, cut and details.

The Bradley Allan Solid Polo in Izote that I received has all the makings of a great shirt.  The fabric looks and feels amazing.  The buttons are mother of pearl and there are no “NASCAR” like logos on this shirt.  You can wear it playing golf or out for dinner and you will look classy in both places.  It was also made to be worn tuck in or out.  It is shorter than some so that this can be done.  While it is simple, I liked how it felt golfing and I got compliments how it looked at dinner.

The Bradley Allan Solid Polo had so much going for it that it was disappointing that the sizing was so much different than other brands.  I wear a M in most brands and only once and while wear a L in some Euro cut shirts.  I ended up with an XL in Bradley Allan and probably could have gone with a XXL.  The cut is small and the sleeve are even smaller/shorter. I’m not that big of a guy which leads me to wonder how many guys can wear these shirts.  Especially if they are taller or bigger. 

Bradley Allan has some of the most luxurious feeling and performing fabrics for playing golf.    I think the sizing will really make it hard to get the right size on the first try.  But having this insight into the sizing made this polo is one of my “go-to” favorite because of the feel and look.

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Quick Hits
+Luxurious fabric
+Classy look
+Excellent details
+No big logo

–Too small sizing