Review: Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS

Size Does Matter

We all have the heard the jokes about size and the questions whether it matters or not.  When it comes to golf GPS units, there is a wide variety of sizes.  The smaller units are convenient, while the bigger units have better displays.  The Bushnell Neo Ghost is a smaller unit with a big number display.  There isn’t a voice to tell you the number, you can read it for yourself, but the numbers are big enough even grandpa can use this GPS unit on the course, proving again that the right Size Does Matter.
The Bushnell Neo Ghost is all about simplicity.  The basic shape, size and buttons really are all about business.  There are no colorful displays or hole drawing to get in the way of the basic data you need.  There are no subscription feels or downloads necessary to make it work, just turn it on and go.  It can even set the time and date all by itself off the GPS satellites.  It comes preloaded with 30,000+ courses so unless you are playing on something brand new, it will have the courses you want to play.  The four color choices are nice too, black, grey, white or green.

Once you get it to the course, you hit the power button, select to play golf and wait about 25 seconds to select the course you are playing.  It will give you the yardage to center, front and back from every shot you hit.  If you want to know some bunker distances you just need to hit select and it will show whatever hazards are on that hole.  After you hit the ball, if you want to see how far you bombed that drive, just hit the shot button.  It starts counting yards as you walk.  Once you arrive at your ball you can brag about how far you hit it, then just hit select again and it goes back to yards remaining to the pin.  Once you finish a hole it will auto advance to the next.  If you end up in any weird spots on the course, you can always manual advance holes with the up or down arrow.

The Bushnell Neo Ghost comes with a belt clip so you can wear it if you want, I prefer to strap it into my Clicgear score card holder.  It is always right where I want it during my round and the buttons were still easy to use.  One feature that I would make sure to turn off is the “Auto-off”.  It seems like a good idea to conserve battery, but rebooting it during your round takes too long.   But that does mean you need to manually power it off after your round or your battery will be dead the next time you want to use the GPS.  I found that if I turned it off after each round, I got 4+ rounds on one charge.  This is pretty impressive for a GPS, but still the downside compared to laser.

If you want simple distances on an easy to read display that is ready to go right out of the package, the Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS is for you.  It offers great accuracy and quick knowledge which are very helpful for shooting lower scores and knowing your game better.  Size is key factor of this unit.  It is small enough to fit in your pocket or wear on your belt, but the numbers are actually big enough so you can see them.  Size does matter, and the Bushnell Neo Ghost is just the right size.

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Ready to go out of package
+Easy to read numbers
+Shot distance
+Bunker distances

–Need to recharge battery after a couple rounds