REVIEW: Callaway Epic Flash Sub zero DRiver

How Callaway is Using AI to Improve Their Drivers
Computers are changing the game of golf.  I would imagine that most golfers use a computer in some fashion before, during and after their round of golf.  From making a tee-time, to using GPS on the course to Shot tracking devices to handicap systems, the game of golf is evolving as technology is applied.  More advanced golfers are using launch monitors to get fit properly and next-gen stats to calculate odds and statistics of what club to use when.  Callaway has taken hat to the next step with AI computers to design clubs.  Specifically Callaway used AI to create the face technology of the Epic Flash.  There has been variable thickness driver faces for almost 20 years in some form or another, but applying AI tech means that the variable thickness face would be even better suited to golfers needs.  This AI tech improved the Callaway drivers for 2019.
Callaway has been riding a tidal wave of success over the last 3 years.  The jail break technology changed the driver game for them and they haven’t looked back.   I’ve had great success with Callaway drivers in my bag.  The new Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero has been even better than the previous Callaway drivers for me.  The new face tech really is legit.  I’ve seen my averages go up across the board in terms of fairways hit and average distance being just a couple yards longer.  While it isn’t that one hero shot when the stars aligned longer, but consistency off the face longer with a smaller dispersion circle.
I was kind of surprised that Callaway went back to the Epic name after last years Rogue, but they also went back to the Epic green (now highlighted with yellow).  While the Epic Flash isn’t as muted at the original Epic, it is toned down from the Rogue.  It has a new pitch to it, that is slightly more metallic than the Epic and a little less plastic from the Rogue.  The Sub Zero model still has the forward weight, but now has a sliding right to left rear weight.  There is still Jail Break technology as well as the carbon composite crown.  It is the next evolution of Callaway drivers.
The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero driver takes its biggest leap forward with the face tech.  While this isn’t light years ahead, it is noticeable on the course.  I watched drive after driver appear to go straighter and longer.  While not massive increases but those subtle ones that keep the ball in the fairway more often, keep it on the course on poorer swings and still reach an average distance when stuck off center. Those are the face tech features that aren’t just abstract or in a lab, but real life results that change the game.   Instead of a lost ball or a ball out of the deep stuff, it is a playable ball in the rough or a ball on the edge of the fairway which means no penalty strokes and normal club selection.  Don’t get me wrong, you can still miss hit the ball with this club.  I hit some OB and I hit some in the water hazard and yes some required a desert club to escape the AZ rough, but those shots were fewer with this driver in the bag.

The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero also took a step forward with the “stock” shaft offering.  While the ProjectX Evenflow Blue shaft put up good numbers, it was harsh.  The new ProjectX Harzrdus Smoke shaft is much smoother and offers a more normal feel to it.  I’ve had great success with this shaft in other clubs too, so I was happy to play this as the stock shaft.  Another subtle addition is the Golf Pride dual compound plus 4 grip with align.  While it might not seem like much, but the rib on the grip has proven to be a nice way to align the club in your hands.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver

  • Spin: 1985 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 14.3*
  • Dispersion: 5.6 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 108.8 mph
  • Ball Speed: 162.5 mph
  • Total Distance:  300.2 yds
  • Carry Distance:  283.1 yds

 Callaway turned to AI technology for their newest driver design and it turned out to be a winner.  While you aren’t going to add 20 yards to your drives, if you track your stats, you are going to see improvements in terms of dispersion and average distance because of the face tech paired with all the other features packed in the Epic Flash Sub Zero driver.   This is the first time I’ve cracked a 300 yard average on the Launch monitor.  It certainly helps to be swinging fast, but consistently hitting that extra couple yards it nice.  There are some other technologies out there that a pushing the envelope, and the AI used on the Epic Flash face is what has this driver leading the way.

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Quick Hits:
+AI face tech is legit
+Nice sound
+Great feel
+Forgiving and long
+Excellent stock shaft
+Align Grip is added benefit