Review: Callaway HEX Black Tour Ball

The Best Ball for 2012
For years Callaway has had 2 top-tier tour balls.  One was usually firm and long, while the other was soft and spun.   To me it always seemed like if they could just make a ball that combined both of those balls into one, a long ball that spun, that had a medium firmness; you would have the perfect ball.  Well the HEX Black Tour is that ball.  I think it may just be the best ball of 2012.
Callaway went with a 1 top-tier tour ball this year.  I think it is a great move and really offers the best of both worlds.  Here is what I found on the course with this ball.  I was initially impressed by the length off the tee.  For me it was right up there with the Tour i(z) from the previous year.  It had a nice mid trajectory that just stayed in the air for some of my longest drives of the season.  It felt slightly firmer than say the Tour i(s) but softer than they Tour i(z).  It is that perfect combo.


On irons shots it had a nice medium spin that allowed it to hold with long irons, but stop fast enough with short irons.  Again that medium trajectory was nice for control, I didn’t have to worry about going too high or ballooning, but also could elevate it enough to maximize distance.

Off the wedges I really liked what I saw in the spin department.  It was that perfect balance of ample spin and consistent spin.  I found most shots hopped and stopped after a couple feet roll out.  I didn’t have crazy spin that the ball backed up, but controllable spin that held the green nicely.

What still keeps me coming back to Callaway Balls year after year is the HEX dimple pattern.  There is simply no other ball that can complete with it in windy conditions.  It just cuts through the wind better than anything else.  If you are playing a big cut or draw with the wind, don’t be surprised if your ball doesn’t move too much.  

I have always been happy with Callaway Balls durability and was not at all disappointed with the HEX Black Tour.  I played numerous rounds with just one ball and it really wasn’t worn out, I just lost it in a hazard.  I even play with non-conforming wedges grooves, because I can for a number of years yet, and even those didn’t shred the cover.

I’ve played just about every new ball for 2012 and while many companies have improved their golf balls and some of them I really liked, the Callaway HEX Black Tour is the best new ball.  It offers the perfect combination: long off the tee, great feel off every club, plenty of short game spin and the best wind ball around.

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Quick Hits
+Good wedge spin
+Medium firm
+Best wind ball w/HEX dimples
+Durable cover