Review: Callaway X2 Hot Pro Hybrid

Hot x 2: Looks and Performance
Hybrids are not all the same.  These clubs come in the widest variety of shapes, sizes, lofts and performance numbers.  Because of that variety I find it interesting the number of people that have tried one and say they can’t hit hybrids.  If you can’t hit one, try another and another until you find one you like.  Callaway’s X2 Hot Pro hybrid should be at the top of the list of hybrids to try in 2014.  The new shape and outstanding performance make it one of the best hybrids this year.
I happened to see this hybrid before it was actually released to the public and I immediately fell in love with the looks.  It has a resemblance of another very popular hybrid on the market, but looks even better with it’s cleaner lines.  It is compact, square faced, fairly flat soled and has very little offset making the transition from hosel to leading edge really clean.  The deep charcoal matte finish is stunning and the lack of alignment aid makes it even better.  I think it is the best looking hybrid in 2014

I had high hopes for this hybrid because the looks were perfect, but would the performance be there?  After one range session I was pretty well sold on this hybrid, and once I got it to the course, it was just as stellar.  My Flightscope Launch Monitor showed that this hybrid offers really great numbers, as good as anything out there.  It is slightly fade biased so if you are a slicer, look at the non-Pro model.  I could still hit this club to the left, but it was only a small right to left movement if any, most shots were just straight.

The HyperSpeed Cup Face really has a great pop at impact.  The sound and feel are incredibly solid and slightly muted. The good looks, great feel, excellent results were aided with a great stock shaft, the Aldila Tour Green hybrid.  It is a lower launching shaft that creates a strong trajectory, but wasn’t a major spin killer so you could still hold the green on long approach shots.  The dispersion is the real deal with this shaft too, it is tight.  It is a 78gram shaft so the balance and weight felt just right for this hybrid.

I went with a 20* Callaway X2 Hot hybrid since I typically play something between 18* and 21* to fill the yardage gap.  While this is a 20* head it does play on the lower side.  It still had plenty of height and a little extra spin to hold the greens, yet was really strong into the wind so that I didn’t have any ballooning issues or even significant loss of distance.

I really liked hitting this hybrid from any lie.  It has a flat style sole with just a little camber from toe to heel which makes it really good from any lie.  I could bomb it off the tee or cut it through the moderate rough and really be confident in the results.  The turf interaction was really easy with this club.  I could get it down and through the thicker lies, but could pick it cleanly off the sand.

2014 is a good year to be looking for a new hybrid, many companies have really stepped it up in this category and the Callaway X2 Hot Pro is a real winner. While it isn’t miles ahead of the competition in any one category the overall package is hard to beat.  It has the combination of the best looks and solid performance; it is Hot x 2.

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Quick Hits
+Best looking hybrid
+Solid feel
+Excellent stock shaft
+Great numbers
+Works from any lie