Review: Faldo ProCare

Taking care of the golfer's skin

Every golfer knows that their skin takes a beating playing in the sun, or wind or whatever nature throws at them.  Most men, (if they are like me) don’t really do much to take care of their skin.  But with the rising number of cases of skin cancer it is time to take care of that skin, even some of the skin that is covered.

Nick Faldo has always been known as a pretty stylish, classy guy, so it would come as no surprise that his skin care products are really nice.  The ProCare pack comes with 6 products.  Sun screen, bug spray, muscle cream, foot spray, hand lotion, and lip balm.  These really are the essentials of taking good care of your skin before and after golfing.

Sun Screen

This is the most important product of the kit.  Golfers need to use sunscreen because of the 4 hours directly under the beating hot sun.  SPF30 lotion is ideal for the majority of golfers.  Maybe the fairest of skins need a bit more, but most of us can manage to keep our skin from burning with SPF30.  It is sweatproof, waterproof and non-greasy.  I could put it on before the round and had no residue left on my hands that impacted my game.  It has a slight scent so you don’t smell like a Hawaiian Tropic girl, but just a simple pleasing aroma.

Bug Spray
Another way of protecting your skin is to keep bugs off of it.  I applied this right over the sunscreen.  While there weren’t too many bugs out yet, it didn’t have that strong bug spray smell, but again a simple pleasing aroma.  While I’m not sure how effective it was just yet, I will put it to good use this summer in the Northwoods.  Golf courses will like this product because you can apply it while standing on the grass because it won’t kill the turf.  If you’ve ever looked around the first tee and noticed some random dead grass, that is probably because someone applied bug spray standing there.  This product is grass friendly and defends against bugs.
Muscle Cream
This is a post-game product.  Especially after those early spring rounds I found this product a nice little treat.  Some of those muscles haven’t been used since fall and just rolling on a little muscle protector is an easy way to relieve a little tension.  Again this doesn’t have that strong ice-hot smell, but just a similar sweet aroma as the other products.  It warms and loosen the muscles after your round.
Foot Spray
This was a product I wouldn’t have thought of being so useful, but this to be another nice product to use post-round.  No matter your shoes or your socks, your feet take a pounding during the round, especially the skin.  They tend to get either sweaty/wet, then then they dry out after your round.  In no time the skin on your feet is irritated.  I used this after my post round shower and my feet really feel much better.  Another simple scent and really easy to apply with the spray bottle.
Hand Lotion
Your hands are essential to golf since they are the one place that your body connects with the club.  If they are dry and cracked or all greasy; it is going to be tough to hold the club properly.  The hand lotion seems to balance out that dry or sweaty feeling by moisturizing the skin yet feeling cool and non-greasy.  It leaves them feeling soft yet dry.
Lip Balm
This is my favorite product in the kit.  While it may seem simple, it has a great subtle flavor along with SPF 15 it keeps your lips from chapping because of the elements.  I am really happy how this product works.  Dry, cracked lips can be both annoying and painful, an unnecessary distraction while golfing.
The whole kit was designed for a guy.  From the coloring to the packaging, it has its own bag that can be attached by a carabiner to any golf bag or backpack.   It is also small enough it doesn’t take up tons of space at home either.  All 6 of the products are also small enough so you don’t feel like you are carrying around a medicine cabinet.

If you want to take care of your skin before and after golfing, get some Faldo ProCare.  The 6 pack of products is outstanding, it has a subtle scent and covers your skin care needs.  The excellent packaging helps complete a great product.

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+Convenient Package
+6 essential golfer’s skin products
+Simple scent
+Effective and easy to use