Review: Graman S-Series Shafts

An upgrade worth getting
It seems that in just about everything we do there is always an option to upgrade, to add more features, get bonus coverage, etc.  But how often haven’t you found that it was really just a waste of money? 
All those extra features all that extra money didn’t turn out as planned.  How often hasn’t that been said about golf shafts too? Do I really need to spend $1000 to put in that ultra premium shaft? Is it really going to benefit my game?   So I say don’t spend that kind of money for an upgrade.  Look at a Graman S series for an upgrade.  You will get all the same features and benefits at a fraction of the cost and in many ways you might even be getting more.

The S Series has a relatively simple look.  It is a black shaft with a little gold and white writing on it.  But upon closer inspection you see the fiber cross-hatching from top to bottom on the driver shafts.  In the light it is simply stunning.  While it may not have the bold colors of its predecessor or its competition, it is unique.  The carbon/composite weave goes from top to bottom.  Most companies only use the multidirectional weave in the tip, while Graman uses it from top to bottom. It is perfectly done.  It is not distracting at address but really cool to examine.  The fairway in the S series is just glossy black without the carbon weave.

picture will be replaced as soon as I get a better one.
As always, installation is easy to manage and dial in based on the butt sticker that comes on every Graman shaft.  Weight and CPMs are clearly printed on a label on the butt end of the shaft for the club fitter.  They also have helpful tipping and fitting instructions (not on their website yet).  My driver was an S flex at 251 so I tipped it a little more bringing it up to the S/X flex.   I installed an I-mix tip to compare it to all the other shafts I have tried in my FT-9 Tour Neutral 9.5 head.  I left it a little longer, playing at 45.5” because I remember the last Graman I had was so accurate, if this one was equal, I was sure it could handle the extra length.

Once I finally got it to the course, I was really impressed at how expensive this shaft felt.  There is no doubt that this shaft can hold its own with the highest end shafts in the industry.  It had a smooth but super tight feeling.   I have played a couple of shafts more recently that are really smooth, but feel just a little whippy.  This one on the other hand has that same smooth feel of the top shafts, but a little less whip and felt significantly tighter.    It just feels very balanced throughout the swing.  The kick of this shaft is not the hinge like feeling, but just a smooth solid release into the ball from beginning to end of swing.

The trajectory has been a mid-high flight that is very strong.  I would say it has a more gradual assent that flattens further out in flight.  The flight is very pleasant and yet plenty high to cut the corner on the dogleg. 

The spin is moderate to low.  I have been getting a decent amount of roll, really getting my drives out to the limits of my swing.  On some firmer fairways I was seeing a good 30 yards of roll. (This is after carrying it to my normal distance or a little further.)

The final fact that makes the upgrade to the S Series worth it would be the dispersion or lack there of.  This is a really straight shaft.  My first Graman shaft really impressed me with how accurate it was, but this one is even better.  My complaints have been more self-inflicted because the ball is going where I aimed it.  So if I didn’t aim it at the fairway, I didn’t find the fairway.

While the driver shaft is worth the upgrade, the fairway shaft is a superior upgrade to fairway wood shafts.  I ended up with this shaft by accident, but my 3-wood sure is happy that I did.  As noted above it doesn’t have all the fancy looks of the driver shafts, but all the technology is the same.  At 95g it is a heavier shaft, but I think many golfers can benefit from the extra weight and stability in their fairway woods.  While the feel and dispersion were the same as the driver, the flight was a little quicker up (probably due to the 15* head) and a little flatter.  This is the first time I can honestly say I have confidence with my 3 wood. This thing is a rocket launcher.   I installed the S series 95 F shaft in my Sonartec GS Tour 15* 3 wood.  It has transformed this club from a shaky option to my confident club of choice.  It has been so good, my playing partner suggested I never take this club apart or take it out of the bag.

The S series from Graman is an upgrade from the Limey that was worth waiting for and also worth paying for.  While the S series is more expensive than previous lines, it is an upgrade that can compete with any premium or ultra-premium shaft on the market.

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