REVIEW: JStewart Custom Staff Bag

Now you can get your own custom staff bag
I think we have all dreamed of playing on tour, having a caddie, playing at all the great golf venues and having our own custom staff bag.  While the tour part isn’t in most of our futures, getting a custom staff bag now is.  If you wanted a custom bag in the past, you needed to be a pro, spend a whole lot of money or buy a minimum number of bags.  Now you can buy just one at about the shelf price of most OEM staff bags.  Sure having a bag with your favorite golf companies’ logo on it is nice, but what happens when you change brands or if you have a real mixed bag of clubs like many of us, then what?  Now you can order 1 bag with your own logo, plain or however you would like it.

Since Independent Golf Reviews is a small organization, the thought of getting a whole bunch of staff bags is not practical or possible.  But getting a single staff bag has been awesome.  I stumbled upon JStewart after seeing a friends bag, I learned that they can do just one bag completely tricked out however you desire.
So the process began with some emailing back and forth and using the online bag creator.  It took a few refinements along the away, a couple edits, and some discussion about what would work and look the best.  In the end we settled on a mostly white bag, some bright red highlights and logos and script in various spots on the bag.  Their graphic design team then put together the bag and sent me a PDF for final approval.   From there the design is sent to China for the production.  Once the embroidery is done on the various patches of leather, I received an email back making sure all the stitching and lettering looks just right.  After that my bag was finished being assembled, and again they sent out pictures of the completed bag before shipping.  After the final approval the bag was shipped 2nd day mail from Hong Kong to my home.  (Impressive!!)

  I have to say, the JStewart bag is one of the best review products I have ever received. I was so excited to unpack the bag I designed about 4 weeks earlier.  The logos, the lettering, the colors, everything just looks so professional.

Taking it to the course, I wasn’t sure what kind of response I would get, there are those that think staff bags are only for “staff” people and amateurs shouldn’t be using them.   But at the 6 different courses I played, I always got the same response, “that is so cool”.   It became an instant conversation piece.  Everyone wanted to know about my website and about the company that made this bag. 

Not only is it all about looks, the function of this bag is amazing.   While I won’t be carrying this bag for 18 holes since I’m not a professional caddy, I will be using it on my ClicGear push cart or if I’m using a power cart.   You can throw in the “kitchen sink” it has so much room for storage.  I think right now I have a full rain suit, an extra pair of shoes, 3 dozen snell golf balls, a sweater, 3 pairs of gloves, and some snacks.  Yet it is still easy to get stuff in and out of the bag on the course.  It is next to impossible to fit that into a regular bag.  I also like the fact that no matter how much or how little you put into the bag pockets, it doesn’t impact your clubs.  The inner tube keeps all the stuff from pushing in on your shafts and grips.

Now I know everyone doesn’t have a logo or something to promote (like a website) but think about all the different organizations you support or could support with a bag like this.  I think it makes the best golf tournament prize you could ever win or give away.  It could promote the tournament, and it is functional.  I would guess that most people would be willing to replace their bag with one of these beauties.  Schools and charities could actually afford to get one made for a grand prize.  Maybe you could get team bags too for your golf team.  Because you can buy just one (or more) it really makes this an option for just about anyone or any group looking to promote their cause.  If you don’t want a staff bag, they also offer stand bags, but there is a minimum of 10 bags.   I think that is less bags than most companies require, but unfortunately a stand bag isn’t really an option if you just want 1 bag. 

Another cool feature is the variety of staff bags.  I think many people assume there is a staff bag, cart bag and stand bag, but really they have like 8 different styles of staff bags and a couple cart bags and a couple different stand bags so you can pick the style that works best with your logo, design and colors.

The only negative I could see would be that the process itself requires a little patience.  There seemed to be a little bit of back and forth that didn’t always get from the customer service rep to the design team.   Be patient and make sure you get exactly what you want.  Check over the fabric samples, fonts, and colors; make sure you get what you want.  It may take a few extra emails and you may need to reconfirm something after it was already spoken about, if it doesn’t show up in the mock up drawing, so be patient and precise.   

You will see Independent Golf Reviews rocking this bag at courses all around the Twin Cities, MN.  It is a great promotional piece and exceptionally functional.  JStewart Golf Bags will make you one of the coolest staff bags around, because it is your bag.

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Quick Hits
+Fully custom single staff bag
+Great promotion piece
+Staff bag is very functional

–Patience required with process