Review: Jox Core Support Compression Shorts

Shorts that help your golf game
You read that right, there are shorts out there that will help your golf game.  To be fair they are a little more than just shorts, they are compression undershorts with a giant core supportive waistband.  Add to that they have cold packs or heat packs that can be used on your lower back.  I would have never guessed that a pair of underwear could do so much.
The shorts themselves are a spandex type compression short that are made from a what Jox calls a unique and patented fabric. It is antibacterial and antimicrobial fabric that help with moisture-wicking and odor reduction.  Being compression shorts, they enhance circulation which assists in reducing lactic acid build up, and helps relax the lower body and upper leg muscles.  If they were just plain shorts they would be a very nice pair of compression shorts.  I often wear compression shorts while walking because of the many benefits they offer.  These that and so much more.

What makes these shorts unique is the giant waistband/core support belts.  It is made out of similar fabrics as the shorts, but stiffer for support.  It is a good 5″ wide and goes from the top of the shorts to the bottom of your rib cage.  The slimming feature of wearing Jox is a nice little bonus for those of us that have just a few more pounds around the midsection than we’d like.  It isn’t just for looks, it is there for support.  It really helps suck everything in and get in into the right posture for golf.  It can be easy to slouch and  get your spine angle a little off without these.  That is probably the first thing you notice once you get these on is your immediate posture improvement.  For many golfers, this is the one area of their swing mechanics that can get overlooked and yet with a simple posture fix so does their swing.  I know personally posture is often my downfall late in a round.  Wearing the Jox core support really helped especially late in the round.

The back area of the support belt is flat and really helps on the lower back.  I can’t say I have back problems, but from time to time, I have an ache or two there.  These shorts really helped elevate some of those minor aches and pains.  Dropping in a heat pack really kept things loose during my round, especially in the cold weather we had this spring.  The Ice pack was great for recovery, especially after the round, it felt great.

The first time you put the Jox on it will feel a little awkward.  It also feels like you have Urkle pants on because in order to wear them properly you need to get them hiked up pretty high.  If you try to wear it lower, your pants won’t fit around the core support belt.  Also if you wear them too low, the core belt doesn’t really hit in the right spot either.  You want it to be just above your belt line so it hits your lower back. 

I can’t say I wear them for every round I play, but I keep wearing them more and more when I play golf and really like the benefits I am finding in my golf game.  Even when I don’t wear them, my posture has improved from wearing them and some muscle memory.  Wearing  Jox core support compression shorts is hotter than regular underwear, but their moisture-wicking properties work well.  The biggest contributor to the heat is the multiple layer support belt.  I see this best suited for cooler temps when you want that extra heat for your back and body.

I was pretty skeptical going into this review.  A pair of underwear with a support belt on top of them wasn’t on my list of “must try” new golf products, but after wearing them for a number of rounds I’m finding they really do benefit my golf game.  They are pretty pricey, but if you have lower back issues and love to play golf, there might not be a better product on the market for you to enjoy the game with less pain and more support.  They might even help you look better too.  Add a heat or cold pack and you’ve got a perfect combo of comfort, support and treatment all in one.  I wouldn’t have believed it, but these shorts helped my game.

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Quick Hits
+Comfortable and functional fabrics
+Core support works
+Heat and cold packs for even more comfort
+Proper posture, leads to better golf