Review: Nike 2015 Summer Apparel

#Don'tSleepOnSummer 2015
The calendar says August, which means summer is quickly coming to an end.  But before it ends, Nike wants you to get out there and practice.  The weather is warm, the courses are in great shape, and you owe it to your game to get better.  While many companies make preposterous claims of yardage upon yardage, Nike gets it that you really only make gains if you practice.  The #Don’tSleepOnSummer kit has everything you need to put in the extra time this summer and actually see real improvements.

The 2015 Nike #Don’tSleepOnSummer Media Kit is even better than the 2014 one.  I was blown away last year by the whole package, and this years trumps that one.  Sure the package itself won’t make me a better golfer, but the encouragement and tools to practice more will.

Inside the Will Leather bag was 2 polos, a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, a belt, a hat, Nike’s FI Impact 2 Shoes (review here), 3 gloves, a Dozen RZN Black balls, and an engraved bag tag.  They were all in my size, even had my name engraved and logoed on some of the items.   It is pretty much my favorite golf package I get all year.

Nike Momentum Stripe Polo, Transition Chambray Polo &  Golf Lockup T-Shirt

    • I’m always impressed when new polo shirts can some in and become my favorites instantly.  The dark blue Momentum Stripe looks great with the shorts or with other dark colored shorts or pants.  The orange Transition Chambray works really well with the shorts and is extremely versatile with the contrast collar.  A new feature in both polos is a more fitted bottom.  Many polos go wide on the bottom and can look sloppy if untucked.  While I’m not a fan of untucked, these still look pretty good.  The improved collars also make these really nice polo shirts.  The slightly shorter sleeves are nice as are the smooth seams.
    • The T-shirt is pretty much what you expect, super soft and a nice fit, not a wide formless t-shirt.  The simple Golf with a swoosh on the chest says all it needs to say.

Nike Golf DRI-Fit Plaid Shorts, the Web Belt

  • While I prefer pants to play golf in, shorts are pretty important for the summer heat.  These shorts have a classy plaid look, yet the lightweight tech material makes them great in even extreme heat.  Our days of 90*+ and 90+ humidity make these a must have to get through 18 holes or a long practice session.
  • You can’t (shouldn’t) wear pants or shorts without a belt.  The Web Belt is a one size fits all belt.  Just grab a scissors and cut the one end to length and you are ready to go.  It also is great for summer compared to a leather belt, this one is much cooler on hot days.

Nike Golf True Hat & Tour Classic Gloves

  • Two staples of any golf wardrobe is the hat and glove.  They are two accessories I have trouble golfing without.  The True Hat is a great match to the other items, I’m still not 100% sure I’m a flat brim guy.  I know the younger guys like it and while I’m not a “old guy” I’m on the border of looking cool or trying too hard.
  • One of the real benefits of this kit are the gloves.  The more you practice, the more gloves you go though.  While I can get multiple range sessions and rounds in on one glove, having some extra gloves really helps.  I really like the Tour Classic with its mostly white look with slim spandex patches in just the right flex points.

Nike RZN Black Golf Balls

  • These are one of my favorite golf balls of 2015.  I’ve had them in my bag for many important rounds.  No matter how much I practice, I lose a ball every now and then.  An extra dozen with my name on them was a great touch and really useful for short game practice.  Review here.

Will Leather Bag & Nike Bag Tag

  • The Will Leather Mason bag holding the gear is one of the coolest bags I’ve ever seen.  It is a hand crafted leather bag out of Oregon.  Every details is exquisite and you can just feel the quality when you pick it up and use it.  If you are looking for great overnight bag, this would be an excellent choice.
  • The engraved bag tag offers words of encouragement to get after it this summer.  Getting me to golf more isn’t really a struggle, but putting in the practice time can be, so this is a good reminder to spend those extra summer hours of sunlight getting better.

While new clubs hold out the promise of improvement and lower scores, we all know that good ol’ hard work is what will really makes us better.  Now is the time to practice your game, #Don’tSleepOnSummer

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Quick Hits:
+Amazing packaging
+Great coordinated look
+Improved features of all their products
+Tools to practice more and get better