Review: Nike HyperAdapt Stand Bag

One Golf Bag Adapts to Every Golfing Need
The golf bag is a vital component to playing golf.  There are many options to choose from; staff bag, cart bag, stand bag, Sunday bag, and some other hybrid style bags.  Imagine if you can get pretty much all of those qualities in one bag?  The Nike HyperAdapt Stand Bag is as close as you are going to find to filling every golf bag need you’ll every have.  It is one bag that adapts to your every golfing need.
The Nike HyperAdapt Stand Bag is what they are calling a 10-in-1 bag.  It has an exo-frame which allow you to clip on and off a variety of pockets and accessories.  Even before I get to all the configurations you can have with this bag, I have to note that the “core” bag is waterproof.  Like every spring here in MN, I get stuck playing golf in the rain.  Coaching High School golf means that unless there is lightning, you play.  Having a waterproof bag is pretty much essential to everyday play in MN.  I understand it costs more and many people don’t golf in the rain, but I think all golf bags should be waterproof.

Ok, so lets talk about the configurations of the Nike HyperAdapt Stand Bag.  There are 4 main pockets that can be clipped on the the exo-frame.  There are 2 “traditional” pockets in a white, black and blue color combo and there are 2 waterproof pockets in black.  Each set of 2 has a full length pocket for one side and a shorty pocket for the other, which is pretty much standard on most golf bags.  These pockets can combine for additional storage space, insulated drink carrier or you can leave them off for a lightweight bag with just enough storage to get around for 18 holes.
Here is where it gets interesting; The full length traditional pocket can also turn into a Sunday Bag.  (If you are taking a trip to Bandon Dunes, this little thing is perfect for the Preserve).  It is great for traveling if you only need a few clubs or even on one of those cart-path only days, this is a nice addition.  You can turn it back into the normal side pocket with just a couple zippers.  Also if you are going to riding in a power cart or using a push cart, you can quickly and easily detach the straps so their not in your way during the round.

The top of the Nike HyperAdapt Stand bag is 5 way divider which works really well.  1. Putter well, 2. Woods, 3. Long Irons, 4. Short irons, 5. Wedges.  I really liked how the clubs rode in these slots.  Plenty of space and no grip binding.  The stand mechanism is standard Nike with a paddle foot to engage the legs.  Everything is strong and durable. The exo-frame does create some issue for carrying it on your bag.  There is a huge back pad over it, but because of the design, it take some real adjustments to get it comfortable.  Some bags you can just wear the straps any which way, but these need to be adjusted so it hits in the right spot on your bag.  The straps themselves are wonderful, just finding the sweetspot is a little more difficult with this bag.

The Nike Hyperadapt stand bag is a cart bag, a stand bag and a Sunday bag all in one.  It can fit your every golfing need for any course and and conditions.  The waterproof bag and pockets are a huge selling point for me.  The additional pockets and options are a bonus.  If you want to get one bag for every occasion this is it.  This Nike bag can adapt to any golfing needs you’ll have.

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Quick Hits
+So many options
+Great 5-way top divider
+Easy to clip on and off accessories
+Lightweight in all configurations

–Needs adjustments for comfortable carrying
–Currently only one color option