Review: Nunchuk Shaft by nVentix

One Shaft to Rule them all
 As I thought about the Nunchuk shaft, I couldn’t help but think of the line from Lord of the Rings “One Ring to rule them all”.  Can the Nunchuk be “One shaft to rule them all”? Can it really fit everyone?

 When I first saw this shaft at the PGA show in Orlando, I was surprised as I asked questions about it.  They said that everyone, young, old, man, woman, pro or amateur hit the same shaft.  I honestly thought they were joking and just messing with me.  So I stepped up and hit it straight, directly into a big wind.  The results were pretty impressive as it went dead straight on a nice trajectory.  The next five shots were all the same.  I was pretty impressed, but maybe what impressed me more was how this older lady hit after me and picked up the same club I hit and striped it too.  (thankfully not as far as mine) 

 So here are the basics of the technology behind this shaft.  It is heavy at 103 grams, it is firm in the tip and firm in the butt end and has a soft middle.  It is a universal flex.  It requires no tipping, only butt trim for length.  It works in driver, 3 wood and hybrid.  (I’d be curious about irons shafts too, but man that would be crazy expensive).  It is designed by nVentix and made by UST/Mamiya.  This was a great choice of manufactures since they make such high quality shafts of their own, you know you are getting a solid product.

 I installed 1 in my driver and 1 in my 3-wood.  I thought that they would swing weight something crazy, but they didn’t because the weight is counter balanced. Much of the extra weight is under the grip to make most club’s swingweight close to the same as the previous shaft.

 So how would these tanks work out, well they shot straight bombs all day long.  It is silly straight.  I hit all 14 fairways the first time out, I figured it was just beginners luck.  The next 4 rounds yielded similar results.  Not quite perfect, but still the highest percentage of fairways I’ve hit.
  So if fairways hit are up and it is going so straight, your probably thinking that it must be shorter.  While it is not the longest shaft I’ve ever hit, it is no slouch.  I think I actually averaged more distance off the tee because of how many I hit in the fairway.  But in general I would say it is maybe 5 yards shorter tops.  I still was getting into my usual landing zones.  This really helped my scores hitting from the fairway instead of the rough or the trees. 

 While it is silly straight, you can still get one wild here or there, it can’t correct a totally crooked face angle. I found my misses were pushes or pulls not hooks and slices.  Even when you did hit a little slice or hook, the Nunchuck will reduce the effects of side spin greatly.  It really just wants to go straight.

 I paired it with an R11 head and this combo was awesome, even better than I expected.  The purple shaft with a white head and white grip looks really cool.  I am constantly getting asked questions about it.
I put my other Nunchuk in my Royal Collection 3 wood.   Originally it had a lighter weight “made for” Fubuki in it that I hit pretty well, but from time to time would get loose on me.  It just had a little more whip to it than I like.  Dropping the Nunchuk in this club was amazing.  It instantly felt different.  The results were even better too.  It changed the trajectory into the perfect launching straight 3 wood.

 You can kind of throw out some of the other things that are often used to describe shafts, CPM, torque, weight, flex.  This shaft is simply different in so many ways it won’t necessarily spec out the way you normally would a shaft, but just hit it and see what happens.

 I’m still surprised that I can give these clubs to my sister and she can hit them too and get really good results for her.  There was no way you can do that with any other shaft.  Anyone that uses this shaft uses the exact same shaft as the PGA pros who are using it.  That validation is significant too, this isn’t a gimmick; the Nunchuck is the real deal. I can see myself buying another one for my hybrid too.

 While these are not cheap retail, this might be a better upgrade for your woods than new ones.  It can turn just about any club into a straight hitting machine.

 It is hard to buy into the hype, but this is the real deal.  I would have never believed it until I saw it with my own eyes.  So if anyone reading this is in the St. Paul, MN area, contact me and you can try it for yourself.

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