Review: OUUL Super Light Python Stand Bag

A Designer Bag Made to Function
It never seems to fail that if you find something that you like how it functions, the design is very plain or vice versa when you like a design, the function is lacking.  Wouldn’t it be great if the same people that had the artistic skill-set to make something look awesome, had the same engineering ability to make it function better.  OUUL brought both to the table with their Python designer look, in one of the lightest stand bags made.  The OUUL bag offers every detail you’d want in a stand bag, yet did it stylish and super light weight.  It’s form and function!
OUUL is a new brand, or maybe better said, is a new sub-brand of Belding USA. Belding has been handcarfting classic golf bags for over 45 years.  Their popular products are high-end, simple leather bags.  This new endeavor looks radically different so, rather than trying to fit tech fabric and artistic designs under the Belding name, they created OUUL.  OUUL is, “fashion forward, technically superior bags + accessories”. 
When the OUUL Super Light Python Stand Bag  arrived in black, grey and red for review, I knew instantly that this bag was different from the other I had in the garage.  It was noticeably lighter at only 2.7 lbs.  I only know of one other bag that is 0.2 lbs lighter that is consider full function, but based on what I know of that bag compared to the OUUL, the Super Light Python offer better function. (+plus some cool design).  While having a bag crazy light is awesome when empty, after you load it up with gear, some of that weight reduction is lessened so the function of the bag becomes even more important.

Starting at the top of the OUUL bag, it offers a nice 5 way top which allows you to manage your clubs well, with minimal grip tangle.  The plastic surround of the top is also a great feature for picking the bag up at different angles as well as protecting the clubs and top the bag from damage.

As you work your way down to the straps, the backpack straps are nicely done with ample adjustments so that you can get it to balance and rest right on the sweet spot of you bag.  It does take a few slides of the strap and attempts to get it just right, but once you dial it in, this bag rides nicely on your shoulders and bag.

OUUL created this super light bag with ample pockets.  This often becomes a place that companies can cut weight, reducing pocket.  OUUL has 4 good sized pockets, which allow you to carry everything you’ll need for a round.  The ball pocket is huge so be careful not to fill it, or your lightweight bag just became really heavy.  There is secondary smaller pocket on top of that one, which serves as an accessory pocket for rangefinder or tees or something that you don’t want to dig through golf balls to find.  The one side has a large, almost full-length pocket for apparel or even a pair of shoes will fit.  The other side that touches your back, has a smaller pocket and insulated sleeve that offers good storage as well.  The only issue would be is that these big pockets mean more weight, so be careful not to fill it up and negate the super light weight bag.

The OUUL stand mechanism is built into the base of the bag so that half of the bottom pivots when you set it down to engage the legs.  This is a great design feature so that the tab or foot doesn’t break (I’ve had that happen on older bags).  The legs are obviously very lightweight and fairly thin, but they were really sturdy, even with the bag fully loaded with clubs and gear.

There are a couple little features that are kind of standard now, but don’t always show up on super lightweight bags.  The large plastic ring works great for towels, brushes and/or a rangefinder.  There is also a “Sharpie” slot sewn into the bag so that you can keep a writing utensil ready for either marking your ball or keeping score.  There are also straps on the underside of the big pocket to hold an umbrella.

The OUUL Super Light Python Stand Bag doesn’t have logos all over it, just the word OUUL in the middle of the backpack strap.  They don’t really need their name all over it, because it is pretty obvious from the Python material that this bag isn’t your run of the mill OEM bag.  If you want something that has a designer look, yet has the functional features to keep up, check out OUUL.  They make one of the lightest bags on the market, yet it works like a much heavier bag.   If you don’t overload it with gear, you will enjoy the benefit of such a lightweight bag.  It is a Designer Bag Made to Function.

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Quick Hits
+Vibrant design
+Excellent functional features
+Super lightweight
+Ample storage
+Comfortable on the back

–Not everyone is willing to rock python print

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