Review: Pro Compression Socks

Not all compression socks are created equal
Two years ago I tried on my first pair of compression socks.  They were from a different company and to be honest, I didn’t like them at all.  Sure they were tight, but other than that, they didn’t feel good, and I certainly didn’t find any benefit from wearing them.  I had pretty much sworn off compression socks after that bad experience.  But in the last year I’ve read so many articles about runners and the benefits they were finding from compression socks.
I was also noticing how fatigued my feet and legs felt after walking 18 holes.  So why not, let’s see if Pro Compression socks were any better.   I learned right away when the box arrived that not all compression socks are created equal.  These socks felt good right out of the package.  Sure they are tight too, but not everywhere.  My toes weren’t crushed, nor were they so tight I couldn’t get them on.  Pro Compression socks slid on comfortably with what they call graduated compression, meaning tight where you need it and less where you don’t.

Pro Compression really makes 3 main sock models in my mind (along with sleeves).  They make 2 golf related socks and 1 marathon/recovery sock. (I know they have others, but those are tweener models)  They make a short golf compression sock, a tour pro/tall golf compression sock and then the tallest marathon recovery sock.  The compression choices go from only foot compression, to foot and ankle/lower calf compression to full compression of everything below the knee.

The foot compression panels are easily distinguishable because of the grey vs color used.  The grey sections offer more cushion, while the colored section offer more tight.  The shorter ones stop at the ankles.  The tall ones however continue to feel tight all the way up to about mid-calf and then gradually decrees in tightness to right under the knee.   They are comfortable in all models.  Obviously the short socks will feel most normal, while the tall ones are noticeably tight, but not uncomfortable.

I could feel the difference in how my feet and legs recovered after playing golf.  I walk 95% of my rounds of golf.  Many times I will even play 36 holes in one day.  That is over 10 miles of walking.  My feet tend to ache after playing that many holes even in the best of shoes.  But with Pro Compression socks that level of fatigue I would say is cut in half.   These don’t eliminate all pain or fatigue, but they do cut recovery time.   I also play basketball once a week and the older I get, the sorer and stiffer my feet and legs are the next day.  Wearing Pro Compression socks during and after the game also made the next day much easier to get out of bed.  I wear shorts to play basketball, so the tall socks look a little strange, but I don’t really care, because how much better I feel the next day.

Another pleasant side affect was the temperature of my feet.  Living in MN we have some cold days, like today it was -6* F, on a day like this it seems like my toes are really cold.  I think maybe my circulation isn’t as good as it could be.  But after wearing Pro Compressions it is amazing how much warmer they feel, with the socks on, and even for a couple hours after I take them off.  I like to wear Pro Compression socks in the winter months because warm toes are simply better.

The fit of these socks are really great as they pertain to shoe size.  While the side of their packaging says XS, S, M, L, XL,; they are really only sold in 3 sizes.  XS, S/M, L/XL.  While this simplifies things, it does create some tweener issues.  I’m really a M/L.  I do have some interesting leg proportions.  I have size M feet, size XL calves, and size L in length.  So I find that the L/XL are a good fit, but just a touch long in the Marathon sock, they almost go over my kneecap.  The size S/M were just too tight to go over my calves.  So use your shoe size as a starter, but then see how big your calves are as well as the length of your lower leg.  You may need to order the other size for an ideal fit.  For me the Golf Tour Pro Socks were the best fit of the tall socks.  Obviously the Golf Tour Short socks weren’t an issue, just get them for your shoe size. The short socks are best suited for warm weather when wearing shorts, while I like the Tour Pro Talls  any time I wear pants.

There are only 2 kinds of socks that I wear anymore.  Pro Compression socks are one of them and are quickly taking over my sock drawer.  After after my initial order of Pro Compression socks arrived and after I had used them for a couple days, I put in another order for myself and for my wife (she runs marathons).  We both like them so much we need more.  Sure Pro Compresision socks are not cheap, not even close to a 6 pack of socks from Walmart, but Pro Compression’s online store does run some good specials from time to time so you can save a few dollars.  I never thought I would be buying expensive socks,  but the benefits out weigh the price. 

Not all compression socks are created equal.  I really like how Pro Compression socks are designed for comfort and tight.  They have just enough cushion to go with the compression making them my favorite sock for walking 18+ holes.  I found my feet and legs really appreciate the change in socks. 

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Quick Hits
+Cushion and compression
+Many style and color options
+Compression socks that work reduce fatigue
+The right tight

–Expensive for socks