Review: Rukket Sports SPDR Golf Net

A Driving Range in Your Backyard
Many golfers would love to have unlimited access to a driving range in their backyard.  Any time, any day, you could just go outside and pound some range balls working on your swing with any club in the bag.  For many of us that isn’t a reality because our backyards are barely big enough to hit a putter, let alone an iron; and very few have enough room for a driver.  If you throw up a Rukket Sports Self-contained Portable Driving Range (SPDR) Golf Net you can create a driving range in your backyard.

Size is kind of an important factor when it comes to hitting into a net in my backyard.  I want it big, because there is stuff that can be damaged any which direction I face this net, at my house or at one of my neighbors, any ball that the net doesn’t catch will have serious consequences.  At 7.5′ tall and 10′ wide, I hit every club in my bag and didn’t hit anything other than the net.  On 60* wedges I moved a little closer, but could step back a little with driver.  I was able to hit from at least 12′ away from the net with comfort.  (The distance needed for ball flight tracking with my FlightScope X2 LM)  When you add the side wings, they probably still aren’t going to keep a really wild shot from getting away, but something that resembles a golf shot will be kept from getting out of the netted area.   What I felt the side wings really did was help me narrow my focus to the middle of the net as well as give confidence that if I miss hit the ball it still won’t hit my house.

When the big Rukket Sports box arrived with the SPDR net in it, I took it right to the backyard and had it set up in about 15 minutes.  Once I set it up, it has been up ever since in my backyard.  Going on 4 weeks now and it still looks like new.  There have been high winds, heavy rain, and everything in between from very hot, to rather cold already here in MN and this thing is holding up great.  The directions were easy to follow and the assembly really is very easy since all you really need to do is unfold and put the net on the metal stand.  It sits nicely on the grass or concrete.  The side nets instructions were missing in my box, but a quick stop on the Rukket website and a YouTube video later had them on quickly.  While I’ve only taken it down a couple of times, it does fold up nicely into a large carry bag if you decided you wanted to “travel” with it.

The 3 type turf that comes with it works well for practicing different shots too.  The tight grass for fairway shots, the mid-grass for “mild-rough” like shots and the tall grass of wedges, deeper rough and tee shots.  It compliments the net nicely.  While you aren’t standing on any turf, there was barely enough height different to worry about.

Rukket Sports makes nets for a multitude of sports.  Their golf net is top notch and at a decent price point too.  I found the durability to be exceptional.  I’ve already hit hundreds of irons and drivers into with no problems, and my boys have kicked hundreds of soccer shots into it too.  I know it isn’t really designed as a soccer net, but it didn’t even flinch at the larger ball.  They have actually carried the net over the to park and used it for games and it works great.

I have the Rukket SPDR set up in my backyard “permanently”, facing my house and I rip drivers into without any fear.  It really is great because it is big, well made and catches every ball you hit (or kick) at it.  In the month that I’ve now had it, it has helped my iron play by allowing me to get a few more practice swings in between rounds.  Add a swing training aid or LM and you’ve got a legit practice area.  To get better you need to practice more and being able to hit golf balls in your backyard is as good as it gets.  Rukket helps you create your own backyard driving range.

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Quick Hits:
+Big hitting area
+Catches everything
+Easy to set-up
+Multiple sport uses