Review: Salty Non-Taper Cork Putter Grip

Salty 2.0 - Even Better Than the Original
I’ve had original Salty Putter grips on my gamer putters for over a year.  They have aged like fine wine, just getting better over that time period.  Instead of most grips that get worn out, these seem to be timeless.  So I was intrigued when I heard they were changing grip styles from a more traditional tapered pistol shaped putter grip to the non-taper D-shaped style.  I think a combo of factors led to this from manufacturing, engraving, and the popularity of a similar shaped grip on tour. Salty is currently only making this shape in two different sizes.  I received the smaller of the two grips and it is even better than the original.
One of the most important factors of the Salty Grips is getting a good installation.  If you are not a competent club builder or if your regular grip guy isn’t the best, make sure to search out one who takes his time and does a good job.  Salty Grips are not hard to install, but they don’t flex like a rubber grip so if the installer bends the grip prior to installation it could break.  The new, non-taper grips also require some tape build up so that the lower section is the same diameter as the upper section of a stepped shaft.  Again this isn’t difficult, just takes a minute to read the instructions and follow them.  A Salty Grip can only be installed by tape and solution, air won’t work.   As you can see from the pictures I did nick mine a little on the top of the grip on a sharp edge of a power cart.  But that really has nothing to do with the grp’s quality or durability, but more my clumsiness.  The reality is once the grip is installed properly, it is rock solid and should last as long as your putter.

The new shape is the real genius behind the Salty non-taper putter grip.  There is a reason so many grips of this shape have been showing up on tour.  The consistent shape fits perfectly in both hands, there is no fat feeling in one hand while small feeling in the other.  The non-taper shape engages the right arm instead of allowing the wrist to break during the stroke.  It really allows for a great shoulder rock back and through on each putt.  The shape combined with the smooth velvety feel of the cork is just heavenly in the hands.  The lighter weight also gives better feel to the head during the stroke too.  You can get a large cork grip on your putter that will swingweight heavier than a slimmer rubber grip. 

The true test in on the greens.  I installed the Salty 2.0 Non-taper Cork grip on my new Whitlam Tour putter. (review here)  It is a match made in heaven.  The balance of a tour putter is incredible paired with this grip. It feels perfect.  The balance point, the head weight, and the feel in your hands is excellent.  I’ve had the 3 best rounds of putting I’ve ever had with this combo.  I’ve had more 1 putts and less 3 putts than ever before.  The non-taper shape is a winner, even better than the original.  While this grip won’t turn you into Steve Stricker on the greens, it is the best grip right now for feel and longevity.  The cool factor is pretty high too; everyone is always asking about it everywhere I go.

Another cool touch is their ability to laser-engrave on them.  You can find a number of putter manufacturers getting these with their logos, and you can get one too with your name, logo or initials.  It is a nice custom touch that no one else is doing on putter grips.  So if you are looking for a putter grip that will last a long time and feel great, as well as help your putting stroke with the new non-tapered shape; the new Salty Cork Grip is the one for you. 

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Quick Hits
+Non-taper shape works
+Ages well
+Smooth velvety feel
+Lightweight for great putter head feel
+Custom engraving available

–Follow instructions for installation