Review: Sunglasses by SportRX

Prescription Lenses with Style
Over 40% of golfers need some sort of corrective eye-wear in order to play golf.  That means that many of you are either wearing contact lenses or glass for your 18 holes of golf.  I have contacts that I wear almost all the time golfing or not.  When I play golf I wear sunglasses about 95% of the time, only in low light will I take them off.  I wear them for both sun light protection as well as wind protection. 
Sometimes I would to wear a nice pair of glasses that look good, fit my prescription and are sunglasses.  This is exactly what SportRX offers.  They have one of the largest selection of frames and lenses I’ve seen anywhere.  They offer prescriptions lenses for any frame you can find.   The prescription lenses can be anything from clear to very dark and everything in between, even transition lenses.  No more clip-ons, clear lenses, or whatever the eye doctor had; now you can get prescription lenses (and frames) with style.

SportRX allows you to completely build your style online or over the phone.  I did both.  I went online and completely built what I wanted right on their website,  but then finalized my order over the phone.  I could have done one or the other, but in order to get a full sense of their system I tried both.  Either one is super easy and makes ordering simple.  After consulting the eye wear consultant on the phone, we went with a pair of Oaklely sunglasses with custom lenses for my prescriptions that have a slight tint in low light and get darker in bright light.  I chose an aviator style sunglasses, but could have picked any frame from any brand.  Obviously there are price differences, but those prices are all up front as you build glasses on their website.  Also remember many insurance plans help cover the cost of prescription glasses too, so they might not be as expensive as you think, check with your provider first.

The process is simple, type in your prescriptions, choose your parts and place your order.  It is about as smooth as can be.  In a couple weeks you will have brand new prescription sunglasses.  But what happens if there is a mistake?  My prescription had a typo, so when my glasses came, I couldn’t even wear them for 20 seconds.  So I contacted SportRX and they had a shipping label to me that day, I returned the wrong prescriptions and within a week had new glasses that were exactly what I needed.

The Oakley frames and lenses that I picked are a great combo for golf.  The amber lenses offer excellent contrast on the greens.  The darkening or lightening based on the amount of sunlight is very helpful too as the round progresses one way or the other.  While these frames aren’t sports frames, I wanted the on/off the course style.  I think they work and look great.  The spring loaded hinges are very comfortable. I can wear them all day in comfort.  The lenses I went with are best suited from daylight.  They do work indoors too, but not ideal for nighttime.  Considering golf is played during the day, this isn’t a big deal, unless you stay at the 19th hole until after dark.

If you need prescription glasses (or goggles) for any sport, any activity or even just to wear everyday, you won’t find a better place to get your glasses from.  SportRX has the best selection and great service.  I appreciate having prescriptions lenses with style.

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