REVIEW: Stamina Pro Recovery Patch

Just Patch Up That Aching Muscle
You’ve probably heard the expression, “Just patch it up with some duct tape, that will fix it.” You can use duct tape to fix a million things in a bind. While it isn’t a permanent fix, it will take care of many problems quickly and easily. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on your body. If you’ve got some aches or pains, duct tape won’t help. However Stamina Pro Recovery Patches will help with your aches, pains, sore or tight muscles. It is a combo of sticky athletic tape and natural healing remedies. If you’ve got some aching muscles, just patch them up and in no time they will be feeling better.
I’ll be honest, I don’t get aches and pains from playing golf.  For me, I usually fell better when I’m done.  I know for many people that isn’t the case.  You see pros withdrawing from tournaments and you hear about their aches and pains.  I have playing partners that have to bail on rounds of golf because they are too sore or in too much pain to swing a club.  So it took me a little longer to complete this review than normal, because I didn’t have aches and pains associated with golf for a while.  I did eventually find myself with some aching feet and a sore calf muscle.  My wife also had a really sore neck muscle that lingered for a few days until we used the Stamina Pro Recovery Patch on it.

What is Stamina Pro Recovery Patch?

As I said above, Stamina Pro Recovery is a really sticky pre-cut patch that has 200 natural remedies in it.  It isn’t like an “icy-hot” patch, it is a long lasting, non-feeling remedy.  By that I mean, you don’t have all these sensations at the application point, it is slower acting and designed to be worn all day, rather than just a few minutes. It is crazy sticky and will last through a shower, a swim or any sweaty activity you might throw at it.  Since is crazy sticky, you might want to reduce the tack by sticking it to your hand and removing it, that cuts that stick down for your skin, but it still won’t fall off.  Also if you are hairy, this will remove your body hair in that area.  If the residue remains, they include a wipe to help remove the gooo.

Does Stamina Pro Recovery Patch work?

I was a pretty big skeptic of Stamina Pro Recovery Patch and since I didn’t have many aches or pains, it took me a while to even try it.  My first use was with some aching feet at Cabot Links.  We were walking 36 holes a day, a couple days in a row so my arches were feeling it by the end of the day.  I put a larger patch on each foot.  I think I was expecting some sort of instant sensation, which didn’t happen.  But I wore them all night and into the next day, and sure enough my feet did feel better.  I think without that initial sensation, I was uncertain if it helped or it was just time off my feet made them better.  My wife got the second use of a patch.  She woke up one morning with a kink in her neck.  It went on for a few day without getting better.  I got out my Stamina Pro Recovery Patch and put some on her trapezoid muscles and day one her neck mobility increased and pain decreased, after a second application of tape, it was more and after the 3rd she was back to normal.  I then had a calf muscle suddenly tighten up for no apparent reason so I grabbed a long piece of tape and applied it from my achiles tendon halfway up the calf muscle.  In just one day, it was feeling better.

I can only go off of what I’ve seen and experienced with Stamina Pro Recovery Patch and it work.  I know there is K-tape brand used by athletes for muscle and joint support, I think Stamina Pro Recovery Patch could replace that for athletes because it offers similar support, but with natural remedies.  It does come pre-cut in a variety of shapes and sizes, but you’ll probably be able to make them work on whatever muscles need it.  If you’ve got muscle aches and pains, this might be the best way to deal with them before, during and after golf.  You use Stamina Pro Recovery Patch for 24 hours so you can apply it and forget about the pain.  Just patch up those aching muscles for more golf and less pain.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy to use
+Long lasting
+Multiple sizes
+Stays on through sweat and water
+No Odor

–Super sticky, will rip off body hair