Blue Course (Tom Doak design)

I’ve been able to play Streamsong Blue Course now 3 times.  Each time I grow in appreciation for the course and enjoy it more.  My first experience with the Blue course was limited.  I had an hour and a half to tour/play it after the opening ceremonies and shotgun tournament on the Red.  The front nine was basically just cruising through and getting pictures and the back 9 was hastily hitting some shots in order to get in before dark.    Two years ago I got to go back and play all 18 holes with some friends from @ThreeGuyGolf.  It was even better than my first impressions.  This year, I got to play it again with @PluggedInGolf to see how it has grown up over the years.  Below are my 9 thoughts about Streamsong Blue.
1. Playable for all skill levels.
Standing on the first tee with a camera and a club this time I was excited to see if my initial thoughts were correct or if I would be corrected by the Blue course.   The highest point on the golf property is the #1 tee-box for the blue course.  You can see much of the Red course and most of the blue course from this vantage point.  It is really beautiful in a rustic golf sort of way.   I don’t think this course is too difficult off the tee if you avoid trouble, which isn’t that hard. The Blue course has big fairways and big greens which will appeal to all levels of golfers, yet finding the right landing zones on both while avoiding bunkers and 3-putts will be key to low scores. 

2. Front 9 Photo Ops.
The first hole is a short par 4 with lots of space, there were multiple options off the tee, which is always a nice way to start a round.  The second hole is a solid par 5, but again nothing too demanding, just a solid hole.  The next couple par 4s were both demanding but scoreable.  The 5th and 7th holes are 2 great par 3s  The 5th is a great short, raised green par 3 and the 7th is the signature hole of the hole property.  There are probably more photos taken here than anywhere else at the resort actually I think it is probably the most photographed hole in Fl, rivaling #17 at Sawgrass.  It is  a really tough hole too.  Some 210yards from the back tees with most of it being carry, and no real bail out area right or left.  The front side closes with two long holes; a demanding par 4 and a long par 5.

3. Taco Shack at the Turn
This  new addition from some of my previous visits makes wonderful food and has some tasty beverages to go with the Tacos.  This is a must stop between 9s.  The tacos are great and aren’t overpriced.

4. Tough Back 9.
It starts with an interesting mid length par 3.   The 11th hole is another monster par 4, but thankfully there is plenty of room to bomb away on both your first and second shots.  Hole 13 is a great short par 4 that continues to narrow as you reach the green; you can go for it or lay back in order to use a more precise club to attack the green.  The 14th hole is a tough hole because it require you to really plan out how you are going to play this hole.  It seems unlikely for too many golfers to be going for this green in 2, thus laying up to the right yardage is key.  The 16th hole is the longest par 3 on the property.  It plays really long at 24oyards uphill.  The first time I played it I ripped a 3-wood just barely reaching the front edge, this time into the wind it was a driver that I got pin high, just off the green to the left.  The final two holes shouldn’t have been that tough, but our group fell apart on the par 5 17th hole because we found the massive bunker on the right which caused many issues.  I did save my best drive for 18 making all the way over the hill and leaving a short shot into the green and finished with par. It is a great hole to close your round with as it bounds up and down toward the clubhouse.

5. “Links Golf”
Links golf is what golf originally was and has morphed over the years into many other varieties, most of which are the golf courses in the US.  We have very few good links style golf courses here in the US.  Streamsong is really the only option in FL.  Links golf allows for many different options to play a hole compared to parkland and resort courses.  Streamsong Blue allows you to play many shots along the ground and use the bounce to get the ball closer to the hole.  It plays firm and fast on the sandy terrain.

6. Bye Hole.
A “bye hole” is becoming a more popular addition to many courses around the world.  The original idea is that after 18 holes a match might be all-square and to settle the wager, you’d play the bye hole to see who wins.  I think now they are being made because there is this cool little hole on the property that doesn’t quite fit into the layout, but is should be seen and played.  Streamsong has a great bye hole right by the entrance to the Blue and Red course.

7. The Staff Makes a Difference.
Every course has their quirks and unique features, but Streamsong has many little things that make your experience great.  Their caddie program is great.  They have wonderful staff at every corner to help you out and their pro shop has all the coolest gear.  All in all you will be hard pressed to find a better experience from the time you enter the property until you leave.

8. Uniquely Blue.
The Blue course is another Doak masterpiece.   While the holes intertwine with the Red course and the land seems almost the same, it is definitely a different 18 holes.  The Blue course does offer wide landing areas, but the approach shots often need to be aerial because of the danger in front of the green.  The greens themselves have much greater undulation but the over all feel of the course is flatter.  You can tell which course was designed by Doak and which one was designed by Coore/Crenshaw.  Putting is really the key to the Blue course.  There are big breaks on most of the greens and navigating the hills and speed will really determine your final score.  Approaches on the correct tiers will also serve you well. 

9. Streamsong has the Red and Black Course
We all like a great 18 hole course, but 54 holes of awesome golf is even better.  Considering the travel need to get to Streamsong, it is ideal when you can play more than just 18 holes.  The Red is awesome and the Black is my favorite of the 3.  So don’t just plan a few hours for Streamsong, plan a couple days to really take in all the great golf they are offering.