Review: Sun Mountain Micro Cart

4 > 3
Mathematically speaking four is always greater than three.  When it comes to stability and comfort, we more often will choose 4 over 3.  ATVs used to be 3-wheelers, now they are all 4-wheelers.  So Sun Mountain decided that they would add a wheel to their carts and see what happened.

The Micro Cart is just that, a small package of a cart folded up.  I have used just about every kind of push cart and model on the market; I have tried them all on the course.  I have always been a fan of the Sun Mountain Speed Cart, V1 and V2.
 The problem was, they didn’t fit in my car the way I wanted them to.  I couldn’t get it in the trunk along with my clubs.  To be fair I drive a MINI Cooper, but still, the Speed Carts are big even folded up.  But now in 2009 I can once again use a Sun Mountain Cart because the Micro cart fold up into a small 24” x 16” x 12 package, fitting nicely in the trunk of my MINI.

The process of folding and unfolding is very simple; it has an accordion like fold and two main yellow clips to be aware of.  The first, locks the back wheels out and back in the proper position, while the other yellow clip holds the handle in place at one of two heights.  The lower height seems way to low for most golfers.  I am not tall by any means at 5’9″ and the lower setting wasn’t even close to working.  The taller setting worked well for me, and I think will work best for 90% of the people who use this cart.

The wheels themselves are hard wide foam wheels over three spoke mag wheels.  They are not nearly as big as previous Sun Mountain wheels.  The fronts are 7.5” while the backs are 9”.  At first the wheel size was a concern on maneuverability and elevation for getting through the thick MN rough.  I was pleased with the smooth stable ride; I was even more impressed with the stability and ability to glide through the rough.  The only down side I could find for the wheels were their speed.  They do not roll nearly as fast as the Speed Cart wheels nor any other air-filled tires.  I did a couple of down hill tests with this cart compared to my other carts and this one came up shorter every time.  It just doesn’t roll as fast or as far.

But that is not to say it is a difficult push, quite the contrary, because it is very light, it pushes very easy.  The handles are also set in such a natural position that it feels so comfortable pushing this cart down the fairway.

Again Sun Mountain used the Speed brackets to hold the bag at the top.  They did work well and held my IZZO bag in place without a single issue.  But I still prefer the old Speed Cart straps; there is just something to be said for peace of mind.  The bottom just sat on a tip out shelf.  I was most concerned with this, but it proved me wrong.  The bag never moved, was never in any danger and rode ever so smoothly and securely on that shelf.

The glove box was very well done.  It is large enough for any rangefinder, and has a clear cover so that you can see what you have inside.  It also has a divider for golf balls or whatever else you want to put in there and comes padded with a slide resistant pad, so things stay put in the glove box.  On top off the glove box is the magnetic score cardholder.  It was much more powerful than I anticipated.  You will rip the scorecard before it flies out from under that magnet.  Below that there is a ball holder, tee holder and pencil holder, they all work just as designed.  As always there is an umbrella holder right in the middle of the handle.  Right below that is the net-style beverage holder.  It works very well for bottles of most shapes and sizes.  The only down side for me was that I have a screw in GPS holder that goes into the umbrella screw.  It then holds my uPro GPS right over the beverage holder.  It allows me to use one or the other, but not both.

The brake uses the same handle mechanism that Sun Mountain has used in the past, a flip down lever for brake and flip up for release.  It is spring loaded to brake that I found to be really handy.  It also uses a much better system than previous Sun Mountain carts.  There is a disc with holes in it on the left rear wheel.  The brake is a pin that slides into a hole and locks that wheel.  The design and execution are perfect.  It felt rock solid and seemed to line up instantly every time.

In my book 4 > 3.  This rock solid, stable riding, lightweight, tiny folding Sun Mountain Micro Cart is a real winner; especially for us space conscious golfers.

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