Review: Swing Jacket Training Aid

Awkwardly Amazing
If you see the Swing Jacket Training Aid just sitting on the floor, you might think it was some sort of weird torture device.  Actually you might have the same thoughts even once you put the thing on.  How in the world can this thing possibly work?  Let me just say it now, this ranks up there with one of the weirdest and more awkward looking training aids on the market.  But after just a few swings, it really is amazing.  Not only is it fairly simple to use, it actually works at fixing your swing.
This Spring my swing went far away.  I was all out of whack.  Everything was moving in the wrong direction and the extended layoff due to the long winter was really hard on my mechanics.  In the past I’ve generally just worked through the kinks and ironed things out on my own, but since the Swing Jacket arrived right around the time my season was starting, I decided to give it a try.    It almost immediately fixed my swing and got things back in order.

While the results were almost immediate, figuring the swing jacket out was not.  It took me a few rotations, number of adjustments,  and a bunch of “this can’t be rights” until I finally got the contraption on.  It has 4 main parts.  2 body panels and 2 arm sleeves.  Getting the body panels in the right part of your body, adjusted to your individual shape along with getting the arm sleeve on so that is was somewhat comfortable was a challenge the first time and even the second time.  By the third try, I had it figured out.  There are velcro straps,  adjustable slider straps and t-clip buckles.  The one I received didn’t have the clearest instructions for getting the Swing Jacket on either.  I think this could be an area of improvement.
The Swing Jacket is on, so now what?  You can just start hitting balls.   Depending on how out of sync your swing is will depend on how easy it is to hit.  Obviously mine was out of sort, so I struggled to hit the first few balls.  It was hard to get the feel of the arms sliding on the rails and the restrictions from bad moves.  It was pretty ugly to start, because my swing was that bad.  After 10 minutes of every kind of bad shot you can imagine; chunk, top, hosel rocket, thin, shank, and even a complete miss, I started feeling the proper groove.  After another 20 minutes I started to feel much better about things.   I wouldn’t say I was very comfortable yet, but I knew where I had been going wrong.  I dropped the jacket and just started hitting normal shots and just like that, my swing was back.  I was connecting the right parts and swinging in sync.  It was almost too good to be true.  I went to the course and the results were obvious.  I started hitting the ball like I should be again.

Yes, it is awkward.  Yes, it is tough to get on at first.  Yes, you might not hit the ball well with it on right away.  But, Yes, it works amazingly well.  I don’t use it every range session, but I throw it on every once and while to get the proper feel of a connected swing.  It certainly helps with the proper body turn and how the arms should hinge.  The original sold incredibly well and I can see why, it is easy and it works.  The new retooled Swing Jacket should do just as well.  It is a swing trainer that works with muscle memory.  Don’t let the awkward nature of it scare you away, but it is amazing at fixing an out of sync swing almost instantly.

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Quick Hits
+Fixes swing quickly
+Takes little training or swing knowledge
+Great beginners tool
+Included videos

–How to wear instructions

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