Review: Williams Golf Gloves

Better leather=better gloves
When it comes to golf gloves there are many different options out there.  Ranging from extremely cheap synthetic leather to top of the line Cabretta leather.   The best gloves are made with Cabretta leather.  But you maybe didn’t know that there are different qualities of Cabretta leather too.  Like many things most companies are out to make the most money they can, so they will tend to use the cheapest Cabretta leather they can find, but Williams is all about making the best product possible using the best material available.  They have 2 lines of regular golf gloves, the Gold series and the Players series.  They both are designed off a different platform and use different materials.

The Players series uses the highest-grade Ethiopian Cabretta leather.  This glove also has some racing inspired features.  The fireproof material on the back of the glove, the F1 racing inspired design and the racing glove style cuff.  The fit of this glove was really nice for me.  I liked the synthetic breathable material on the back of the glove that stretched in all the right places of my hand for gripping the club properly.  The tighter glove cuff fit on my wrist perfectly too, never rubbing or brushing against my forearm.  While gripping the club I can’t say I noticed any major difference over the other gloves I’ve worn, but the high-grade leather stayed softer and lasted longer than my other gloves.  I would say I typically get about 10 rounds out of my gloves before the leather wears through.  I think I got 16 rounds in with this glove before I wore through the leather.  I was also impressed by how supple the leather was even after a number of sweaty rounds.

 The Gold series uses the highest grade English Cabretta Leather, it is said to be the best leather available for a golf glove.  Then it is hand sown for a great fitting glove.  This one also has some racing touches with just a hint of stretchy material on the back of that hand an across the knuckles and a little patch of carbon fiber weave on the closure.  This wrist cuff is more traditional in that there is elastic at the wrist and then there is leather beyond that kind of ruffles like many of the gloves on the market.  This leather is amazing; it is softer and so far seems to be even more durable.  I think I’m on round 18 with this glove and it still looks good.  I’m not sure how much longer it will last, but it still feels and works great.

 So you are not going to be blown away by any new gripping or swing improvement, but you will appreciate the softest longest lasting highest-grade leather of these gloves.  They do cost a little bit more than your typical glove, but at least you are getting what you paid for.

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Quick Hits:
+2 different styles
+Highest grade leather
+Comfortable and durable
+F1 racing inspired features

–Cost a little more