Review: 2010 TaylorMade Superfast TP Driver

“You are just killing that thing”
When your normal golfing buddies exclaim tee-shot after tee-shot, “You are just killing that thing” you know this is a good club.  I’ve hit a lot of different drivers, I’ve had many come and go, but this one has received the greatest amount of praise.
First off, the concept of the TaylorMade SuperFast driver is an aerodynamic head, a long shaft and an overall light club to create the most speed possible on each swing.  Without getting too technical nor having the tools to test the minute details, the results spoke for themselves; this club is long and super forgiving.  I think there is a reason they are so hot on tour.

For comparisons sake, the SuperFast and SuperFast TP are fairly different clubs.  I found significant reason to upgrade.  The SuperFast TP head is all black, the SuperFast TP sits square to open and the upgraded shaft are well worth the $50.  I went with my traditional set-up; a 9.5* head with a stiff flex Matrix Ozik HD6.  It came in at D4 and 46.”

While the all black head is amazing to look at, it is plenty busy on the crown.  It has a few more lines and angles than I care for on the top of the club, because this is what you look down at every time you tee it up.  There was a little flame-like alignment aid that may not have been necessary with the scoring line pattern on the face.  But over all the results just made all those distractions disappear.

The Matrix Ozik HD 6 is a great shaft paired with this head.  I found it to be extremely smooth like most Matrix shafts and incredibly stable even at 46”.  I got mid-high ball flight with low spin for a very strong trajectory that just cut through the warm MN air and bounded down the fairway upon impact.  Get the exact loft you are used to playing, no need to go up or down.

I think what most impressed my buddies was not the fact that I was keeping up with them, but that I was doing it on every hole.  For the most part, I just kept hitting this thing down the middle round after round.  The only bad round I had showed me what could be a danger for some golfers.  The club is light and long, so if your tempo and swing just disappear, (like mine did for a round) you could struggle with this club.  What was great though even when I missed almost every fairway I was still way up there off the tee so I still had a chance to scramble.  I think you could re-label this head SuperForgiving.  It just hit the ball straight almost regardless of the swing.

The head cover and grip are pretty standard TM sock like cover and a golf pride tour velvet grip.  The black finish was also impressive.  I know it is a driver and you hit it off a tee, but I’ve seen other black driver finishes take a beating, while this one looks virtually brand new still.  The sound is typical TM with just a touch more muted for another great sounding driver.

So when it comes to drivers, listen to your buddies, if they say, “You are just killing that thing” keep that TM SuperFast TP driver in the bag.  I will be.

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