Review: TourSwing Infringer Driver

Bombs that are bordering on illegal.
If you’ve never had your playing partners question your driver, you are missing out on one of those great feelings in golf.  While there is nothing better than ripping one down the middle some 300 yards, even better is hearing the reaction of those that you are golfing with.  Where did you get that driver? I’ve never seen one of those before. Is it legal?  Those might be some questions you’ll have to answer if you put the Tour Swing Infringer in your bag.
TourSwing maybe isn’t well known, but they do make some great products.  They are a component company out of WI.  I had the change to use the Okato shaft by Tourswing starting about 2 years ago.  I’ve had nothing but positive words concerning that shaft.  They simply “nailed it”.  A flat mid launch with low spin and incredibly tight dispersion.  It is as good as any shaft on the market.  Back then it was purple, now the same shaft is mint green.  I regularly had it in my bag, until I let someone borrow it, and they’ve never given it back they liked it so much.

I thought I would give a Tourswing driver a try too.  I ordered my Tourswing Infringer at 9.5* loft and stock Okato Shaft.  It is a bright, head-turning combo.  The head itself has a black crown, with chrome and matte silver on the bottom.  The graphics are relatively simple.  Tourswing, Infringer and loft.  The sound is a muted metalic.  I would call is similar to TM sounding drivers.

The Infringer offers a high, but flat launch.  It gets up quickly and just goes and goes.  I was able to cut the corner on some doglegs with no problem.  I hit it up over the trees, but it just kept going, even into the wind.  I didn’t have any ballooning issues with this driver.

I put this driver in the bag rotation and found it to keep up with the big boys easily and it even beat a number of them.  What seemed to most impress me was the consistent distance.  I played a number of rounds with this club, It has been an interesting summer since I had a couple of rounds with my good swing and a couple rounds my bad swing.  Even when I was a little wild left or right, I didn’t lose much distance.  I think maybe 10 yards tops.  I hit the ball all over the face and the results would say it is one of the most forgiving drivers I have hit.  Not always perfectly straight with my poor swings, but not much distance loss.

If you were a serious player you could try the 6.5* lofted driver, or if you need more loft they have a 10.5*

If you want to try a new driver at a little less cost, with a high quality stock shaft that offers high, flat launch, this is a good choice.  TourSwing did a nice job with this driver.