Review: 2UNDR Performance Wear

Taking Care of Your "Junk"

Some of the most basic necessities in life are the ones that can be the most overlooked and the least thought about.  How often to you really think about your underwear, other than laundry day?  Basically you’ve got your tidy-whities, boxers, or boxer briefs.  You might have your favorite style or brand, but if you are like me, you don’t really think about it all that much.  You can throw out all your current underwear and switch exclusively to 2UNDR.  The way they take care of your “junk” is superior to all other kinds and brands of underwear.

The 2 keys to their awesomeness are: the Joey Pouch and the Fabrics.  First, the “Joey Pouch” is a sewn-in basket for your “junk.”  It creates a barrier between your skin for added comfort, sweat reduction and even odor reduction.  An added bonus is that your manhood look better when wearing them, kind of like a “WonderBra” or “Yoga Pants” for guys “junk”.  Secondly, the fabrics are a huge factor in comfort and performance.   They are distinctly different, but all have their benefits.

I have all 3 different styles of 2UNDR: SwingShift, DayShift and GearShift.  Each one clearly has its purpose in terms of performance.  They are all really comfortable and offer the same Joey Pouch support, but each has a different focus primarily tied to the fabric depending on your activity.

From the least active to the most active starts with the DayShift.  This Modal/Cotton blend offer soft breathability.  For simple days at the office or at home, these are easy wearing and comfortable.  The more you wash them the better they feel, which is opposite of many fabrics.

My favorites would be the SwingShift.  They were ideal for moderate activity, something that could cause some sweat, but not a full workout type of situation.  They are the perfect pair for golfing.  From time to time I’ve had chaffing issues when walking 36 or more holes in one day or if I’m at a golf convention or even a long day at the Mall of America, it can get pretty uncomfortable around the “junk”.  The combination of sweat and stick make for an uncomfortable finish to the day, but not at all with SwingShift.  I never felt so good after a long day of walking.  They are so soft and keep everything where it should be so that your “junk” is separate from the skin of your legs.

The GearShift is best for serious workouts.  If you are going to be hitting the gym or involved in strenuous competition, these are the best you can find.  The compression like material with ColdSkin really works at keeping the “junk” cool and in place.  Sweat is wicked away and there is no skin contact or rubbing to cause issues the next day.

2UNDR are the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn. My favorites are the SwingShift with the Beachwood fibers in the fabric, it is almost like silk they are so soft and smooth.  To use their tag line, “It is Perfection in your pants.”   All of them are great, but the SwingShift are their best for my lifestyle of moderate activity and ideal for going from the office to the course.  There is nothing better.

Seriously, get 2UNDR, you won’t be disappointed.  I’ve already purchased more pairs since my first ones arrived and will be ordering more today.  They aren’t the cheapest 3-pack you can buy from the store, but they worth every penny.  I started with 2 pair and now I’m up to 5, soon to be more.  I’m throwing out my others because nothing even compares to 2UNDR.  They are the best at taking care of your “junk”.

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Quick Hits
+Joey Pouch
+Superior Fabrics
+Different options for different activity levels
+Improved manhood appearance

–A little costly

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