#BBBatTPC - Bloggers, Brunch and Birdies at TPC San Antonio

Recap of #BBBatTPC
Welcome to golf travel in 2013!  With the advent of the smartphone, traveling takes on a whole new experience.  For that last 2 years, whenever I am on vacation or travel to play golf, I use my iPhone to take pictures, text message friends and  tweet the world about these exciting adventures.  I’ve been able to meet new people, interact with old friends and bring the golf courses I play to life for others to consider as their next travel destination.    I’ve often felt a little awkward doing this since no one else was using social media. I was surprised my golf writing friends weren’t doing it either; they were still tied to the old note paper and pen with notes to be used at some later time in order to write a printed article.

The Bloggers, Brunch and Birdies made me feel right at home, actually encouraged all 12 participants to stare at their phone, and tweet each other, even if they were sitting next to a fellow tweeter.  It was a  whole new world of social media and interaction.  While I do believe in talking to people face to face; in terms of golf media, this is the future.  If you scroll through the feed above you can see how many tweets were written for this one day event #BBBatTPC .

A bunch of Bloggers were invited to @TPCSanAntonio to share their experience with their followers throughout the event.  I’d say some got it and some didn’t.  You can see for yourself from the feed above who was social and who wasn’t.  Many are accomplished writers and have much greater skills with the pen than I have, but eating, tweeting and playing golf was a whole new world for some of them.  

It  really started with a Brunch of Texas proportions at the Oaks 18 Restaurant; it was huge and full of excellent treats.  I might have had enough to eat for the full day at the Brunch.  The @JWSanAntonio knows food; every bar has great drinks and the multiple restaurants all have incredible food.  After the event we had a full spread of sliders, rings, wings, and fries at the High Velocity Sport Bar.  It was more than enough to keep us full through the night.

The Birdies were reserved for the AT&T Oaks course.  We were only scheduled for 9 holes for this event because of all the extra contests planned during the round.  #PoulterPants, #TenaciousTweeter, #HashtagHappy, #IncredibleInstagrammer, #BestSport #ClosestToThePin and #LongestDrive .  I think for some writers it was difficult to play golf and participate in the Tweeting.  Others really had a great time interacting with the other golfers in the groups.  I felt pretty comfortable in this mode, even winning the #BestGroupScore.

The following day allowed us to experience a bit more of the @JWSanAntonio as we got a great night’s sleep in our well appointed hotel rooms, ate at a couple other restaurants, played all 18 holes @TPCSanAntonio AT&T Oaks course, watched them set-up for the @ATTChamp at the AT&T Canyons course and even got a little @BMWUSA driving experience  at the resort and on the ride back to the airport.

Look for more of such events in the future as @PlayTPC looks to do this at many of their other properties.  It creates a social atmosphere and the live tweeting allows non-players to get some on-course reporting.  It is like a fun, interactive version of live TV.  I can’t wait to participate in the next #BBBatTPC.

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